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By Claire Ellicott for the Day by day Mail
Updated: 17:19 BST, 31 January 2011
Divorced what’s more, lonely, Kate Roberts thought her good fortune had changed at the point when a beguiling U.S. warrior begun visiting to her on a dating website.
When he told he cherished her, she thought it was practically as well great to be true. What’s more, sadly, it was.
The ‘soldier’ was in reality a part of a complex Nigerian pack set up to misuse defenseless ladies what’s more, persuade them to hand over money.
Con victim: Mother-of-three Kate Roberts acquired cash so she could hand over £80,000 to the swindlers imagining to be an American soldier 

Miss Roberts gave £80,000 to the pack after taking out credit cards, credits what’s more, getting from family what’s more, friends. She has presently had to offer her house to pay off the devastating debts.
The 47-year-old recently cautioned others to be on their protect saying: ‘I was well what’s more, genuinely taken in what’s more, I don’t need anybody else to go through what I did.’
The mother-of-three was to begin with drawn closer at the point when she set up a profile on the Companions Rejoined Dating website in October 2009.
She begun trading emails with a man calling himself Sergeant Beam Smith what’s more, visiting to him a few times a day on MSN messenger.
He before long induced her to send him £225 for a telephone line what’s more, a man with an American highlight calling himself Stamp started ringing her nearly each day.
He asserted he was a 43-year-old widower with an 11-year-old girl what’s more, was a U.S. officer serving in Iraq.
To make his profile more convincing, the scammers posted pictures of a good-looking officer in uniform as well as others of him topless.
The conmen indeed utilized a picture of a little girl, telling Miss Roberts, an head from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, it was his daughter.
She said: ‘I did have questions be that as it may everything he told me sounded sensible what’s more, I was in love.
‘He told me he couldn’t tell me much about his work for security reasons what’s more, I acknowledged that.’
Between October 2009 what’s more, July last year Miss Roberts given over £80,000.
Counterfeit love: Kate thought that she had found the man of her dreams yet found that calls made to her by the sergeant begun from a portable telephone in Nigeria
She made customary installments of thousands by means of Western Union what’s more, indeed paid money straightforwardly into what she accepted was his bank account as he told her he had no money.
He inquired for at minimum £20,000 from her to purchase official military ‘leave passes’. He guaranteed he was incapable to take clear out what’s more, could as it were get it by utilizing counterfeit reports he required to pay for. On a few occasions, a man asserting to be the soldier’s leader rang her to console her he was about to fly to Britain.
But she found it was a trick at the point when she orchestrated for £12,000 to be sent to one of his companions to pay for his airfare to England what’s more, he all of a sudden halted reaching her.
She said: ‘One day he just halted emailing me what’s more, didn’t call me.
‘I drove down to an armed force base in Cambridgeshire which he’d told me he had been in for three a long time yet they had never heard of him. I called the police what’s more, my telephone organization followed the telephone he had utilized back to a versatile number in Nigeria.’
She was afterward told by police that she was the casualty of a scam. Eight months later, Miss Roberts was constrained to offer her home to pay off the tremendous debts.
She said: ‘Aside from losing the cash I feel like I’ve lost the cherish of my life. I know he wasn’t real, yet the emotions were genuine to me what’s more, that’s extremely troublesome to come to terms with. Hundreds of other ladies must be getting conned right now.’
Both the police what’s more, the U.S. government office have started examinations into the scam.
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