From a drug ban to world champion in a year

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Just three weeks ago, Christine Ohuruogu didn’t indeed know on the off chance that she would be permitted to contend at the games World Championships.

The 23-year-old sprinter was finishing a one-year boycott for missing medicate tests what’s more, had as it were dashed once this year.

Yesterday, however, Ohuruogu was on top of the world after winning an surprising gold decoration in the 400 meters last in Osaka, Japan.
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In a exciting what’s more, close race, Ohuruogu just beat individual Briton Nicola Sanders, 25, to the wrapping up tape to record the to begin with English gold what’s more, silver in a single title race for 14 years.

Despite her victory, Ohuruogu, who lives in the East End, does not know regardless of whether she will be permitted to contend at next year’s Beijing Olympics or, on the other hand the London Diversions in 2012.

Under a bye-law of the English Olympic Association’s constitution, selectors are anticipated from picking anybody who has served a suspension for a drugs offence.

Ohuruogu must hold up for the result of a challenge to the Sports Debate Determination Board to find regardless of whether she can contend in both Beijing what’s more, London.

Although she has never tried positive for execution – improving drugs, Ohuruogu was restricted since she had not been where she said she would be on three events that analyzers arrived to take samples.

It is likely the £30,000 for yesterday’s triumph will be gulped up in lawful fees.

Draped in a Union Hail after the race, which she won in a individual best of 49.61 seconds, Ohuruogu said: “It was extremely tough. I am exceptionally pleased of myself since I worked hard what’s more, I had an operation on both my legs which was hard enough.”
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Referring to the vulnerability of the ban, she added: “Every single day I did most of my work – not continuously beyond any doubt what I was working for be that as it may I continuously had the Universes in mind. It was a dream.”

She went on: “I accept that no matter what happens to you something is continuously going to come out at the end.
“It might not have been this year yet some place down the line something would turn around for the better since I know I work hard what’s more, at the point when you work hard what’s more, you have done nothing off-base what’s more, you are an fair person, God will grin on you what’s more, make something work out for you in the end.”

Asked about her suspension, she said: “No matter regardless of whether you are pure or, on the other hand not, at the point when you have a drugs boycott appended to your name it is never going to go.”

If the boycott on her contending in the Olympics is overturned, Ohuruogu could move toward becoming one of the faces of the 2012 Games.

Her parents, Jonathan what’s more, Patience, moved here from Nigeria in the 1980s. She lives at home in Stratford, close the 2012 Olympics site, with her sister Victoria, 14, what’s more, siblings Obi, 23, Charles, 17, Daniel, 12, Kingsley, nine, what’s more, Gabriel, three.

Her 53-year-old father said: “We are all greatly glad of what she has achieved.”

He added: “Christine has been greatly unreasonably treated over the past year by everyone what’s more, especially by the Press. It has been greatly unfair what’s more, hurtful.”

Ohuruogu goes to church each Sunday what’s more, contemplated at College School London, graduating with a 2:1 degree in linguistics.

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