Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

By Damien Gayle
Published: 21:44 BST, 9 May 2012 | Updated: 08:35 BST, 10 May 2012
Those Victorians, they absolutely had overactive creative impulses – what’s more, much of it macabre.
These mind boggling engravings, taken from J.W. Buel’s 1889 book Ocean what’s more, Land, appear just a maybe a couple of the ways that people can meet a horrifying end at the hands of Earth’s vegetation what’s more, fauna.
The dangerous animals – regardless of whether historical, contemporary, genuine or, on the other hand famous – are all portrayed with a liberal measurement of sentimentalist exaggeration.
A lady conveyed off by a crocodile: Fortunate for her there are a few men with lances adjacent to offer assistance out
A seeker damaged by a polar-bear: Fortunate for him, since polar bear livers contain risky fixations of vitamin A

Boy nibbled in twain by a shark: As his alarmed companions freeze what’s more, wave their arms around fiercely from a close-by jetty
Courageous assault on a shark: That’s the way to bargain with the flesh-eating fish

Cutting up a whale: The viciousness isn’t all one-sided
Published in the U.S. by the Authentic Distributing Co., the book’s title page guarantees ‘an delineated history of the superb what’s more, inquisitive things of nature existing some time recently what’s more, since the deluge’.
But while a have of fearsome antediluvian animals feature, the most amusing for the present day peruser are the portrayals of animals from our claim time – which have an incomprehensible propensity for conveying off our human females.
While these animals are recognizable to the current eye from innumerable natural life documentaries, their portrayals in Ocean what’s more, Arrive appear to owe much to the hyperbolic brags of explorers.
A awful battle with a saw-fish: Those annoying saw-fishes, disturbing oceanic joyrides since time immemorial

Capt Paul Boynton assaulted by a dog-fish: Well, on the off chance that you will go kayaking without a kayak…

Catching a dozing turtle in the Mozambique: Got to be calm around those things

Battle with the octopus: Quick! Get the hatchet!
Crab lifting a goat: Despite the fact that it looks Or maybe more like a few kind of detestable tree-climbing ant-goat hybrid
As well as the obscure abhorrences of the Dim Continent, the book highlights numerous delineations of the different creatures of the profound legendary by fishermen.
Each of the point by point fine arts is commented on with a matter-of-fact depiction of the scene depicted.

So know you know what was implied on old maps which cautioned of unexplored places: ‘Here be monsters.’
A lady conveyed off by a tigress: Since females are so much more delectable than males

An orang outan snatching a woman: Has he gotten away from the set of Enormous Foot What’s more, The Hendersons?

A chimpanzee catching a woman: You’re my spouse now!

A awesome seeker in a unsafe position: That rifle’s not going to offer assistance you now

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