‘Every success was diminished by a number on the scale’: How West Point graduate battled eating disorder triggered by pressure ‘to make uniform look good’

By Damien Gayle
Updated: 16:41 BST, 7 February 2012
Southern Shaggy Nosed Wombats – too known as ‘Bulldozers of the bush’ – are regularly found in savannahs what’s more, grass fields in focal what’s more, southern Australia.
The animals, which live in a labyrinth complex underground tunnels, can develop up to a length of around 40 inches long what’s more, 14 inches high.
A completely developed grown-up can weigh to 32kg or, then again 68lbs – sustaining on long grass what’s more, weeds – what’s more, are for the most part yellowish or, on the other hand sandy, to dark colored or, then again black, to grey.
So natural life rescuers were shocked to scoop up these two uncommon pale skinned person wombats meandering around the south Australian outback.

Rare: Pale skinned person wombats Frigid what’s more, Pola were found meandering around the south Australian outback

Rescued: They were found tired what’s more, hungry in fields close Ceduna, Australia
Feeling better: Save Focus supervisor Val Salmon with the Wombats she has breast fed back to health
The match of white Southern Bushy Nosed Wombat fledglings – named Frigid what’s more, Pola by their handlers – were found tired what’s more, hungry in fields close Ceduna, Australia.
They were taken to Ceduna Fauna Save Centre, where supervisor Val Salmon what’s more, her group breast fed them back to health.
The cuddly pair are as it were the second what’s more, third white wombats to be seen at the haven in more than 30 years.

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