‘It’s nice to have cash’ – did Scarlett’s poverty as a child make her choose Israeli soda fortune over Oxfam?

By Dan Sprout
Published: 21:39 BST, 16 January 2014 | Updated: 00:26 BST, 17 January 2014
For Francois Hollande, it would be reasonable to say the certifiable has hit the fan this week.

As in the event that charges the French president had a mystery undertaking with an on-screen character were not enough, a few tons of horse compost have been dumped at the steps of his nation’s parliament.

Gendarmes caught a protestor some time recently he could wrap up emptying a white explained lorry full of waste outside Paris’s National Gathering today, witnesses said.

Dung: The protestor was halted some time recently he could wrap up emptying the truckload of compost in focal Paris
Steaming: A message on the side of the verbalized truck – which was stopped outside the National Gathering in downtown Paris – read: ‘Out with Hollande what’s more, the whole political class. Long live the 6th Republic’

Now it’s truly hit the fan: The dumping came after a turbulent week in French legislative issues which saw claims of a presidential affair. Police had to stop activity what’s more, secured the driver of the dung-laden truck

On the side of the truck was smeared a slogan: ‘Out with Hollande what’s more, the whole political class. Long live the 6th Republic.’
The present-day Fifth Republic was established in 1958 with Charles de Gaulle its to begin with president after France lost much of its pioneer control after the Second World War.
The sharp show happened today outside the Whiskey Palace, a 16th Century landmark next to the waterway Seine in focal Paris which houses France’s lower house of parliament, the equal of the House of Commons.

Witnesses said the man was caught by police, who have since started a mass clean-up.
The French magazine Nearer distributed a seven-page report last Friday on Mr Hollande’s asserted undertaking with the on-screen character Julie Gayet.

Political muckraking: A motto called for France’s 6th Republic. The fifth started with Charles de Gaulle in 1958

Dirty protest: The measure of the dump required a large-scale clean-up operation. The National Assembly, France’s lower house of parliament proportional to the House of Commons, is housed in Paris’s Whiskey Palace
Who was that? President Hollande glares amid an engagement at the adjacent Elysee Royal residence today, right
Ms Gayet, 41, is looking for 50,000 Euros in harms from the magazine after saying the report, which included photographs of Mr Hollande evidently taking off a Paris loft where he met her on a bike what’s more, wearing a full crash helmet, attacked her privacy.
French security laws are far stricter than those in the UK what’s more, French media customarily disregard politicians’ private lives.

Mr Hollande told columnists his ‘indignation is total’ over the magazine story, calling it a ‘violation that touches a individual liberty.’ He did not deny the claims made in the article.
Meanwhile France’s to begin with lady, Mr Hollande’s accomplice Valerie Trierweiler, remains in healing facility where she was taken after the undertaking was revealed.
Her representative Patrice Biancone said: ‘I can tell you Madame Trierweiler is still in the hospital, what’s more, her specialists will decide at the point when she can leave… She has six days of rest behind her – that counts, after all.
Affair: French magazine Nearer has asserted the premier, imagined with his accomplice Valerie Trierweiler in October, had an undertaking with the performing artist Julie Gayet. Ms Gayet is suing the magazine for break of privacy
The president allegedly arrived at a Paris loft on his bike to meet performing artist Julie Gayet (pictured)

‘All visits have been prohibited … but for the family – what’s more, indeed then, just her son.’
Mr Hollande’s endorsement appraisals are among the most reduced of any French leader.

He has recognized ‘painful moments’ in his relationship with Trierweiler, what’s more, said the question of who the country’s to begin with woman is would be cleared up some time recently a state visit to the Joined together States next month.
It is not the to begin with dissent utilizing yard produce.
More than 2,500 furious ranchers secured the lanes of Brussels with drain what’s more, compost – bringing their cows with them – in dissent at EU rural laws in 2009.
And entertainers Heydon Prowse what’s more, Jolyon Rubinstein attempted unsuccessfully to convey a truckload of compost to Britain’s Houses of Parliament last year for the BBC arrangement The Upset Will Be Broadcast – guaranteeing government officials had ‘run out of bulls***’ what’s more, required a few more.

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