Britain’s most-wanted foreign criminals revealed as police bid to flush out the killers in hiding

By David Gardner for MailOnline
Updated: 22:40 BST, 12 September 2011
A grief-stricken family was frantically attempting to find a reason today for the merciless kill of two youthful boys.

Hunter Archer, 10, what’s more, his eight-year-old brother, Jhaden, were wounded to demise by their cousin, Joseph Winchester Thornton, while they were playing video recreations at their home in Spring, Texas.

After conveying out the killings, Thornton, 25, shot himself in the head on the family’s front lawn.

Murder scene: Seeker Archer, 10, what’s more, his 8-year-old brother, Jhaden, were wounded to demise by their cousin, Joseph Winchester Thornton at their home in Spring, Texas
Shocked relatives support each other at the house yesterday, still incapable to accept what had happened. ‘Why did this happen,’ inquired one youthful family member, concurring to the Houston Chronicle.

‘We don’t know the reply for that yet. We don’t know why,’ said Sergeant Felipe Rivera, of the Harris Province Sheriff Office’s Crime department. ‘It is irritating since of the ages of the children,’ he added.

The puzzle was exacerbated by the certainty that liquor was not included what’s more, there was no history of mental ailment or, on the other hand medicate addiction.

The boys’ father allegedly told ABC Observer News that he what’s more, Thornton, known by the family as ‘Joey’, had gone to a shooting run on Sunday afternoon, which they regularly do together.

The father said he was taking a rest at the point when he was woken up by shouts from another room where the more youthful young men had been playing video games.

‘Why did this happen?’: Agents could not reply the family’s questions

Rescue efforts: Seeker kicked the bucket at the scene after the 5.40pm assault on Sunday. His sibling passed away in healing facility three hours later
Hunter passed on at the scene after the 5.40pm assault on Sunday. His sibling passed away in clinic three hours later.

Another child was at home at the time of the assault yet was not injured. It is caught on that the kid called for help.

‘For all we know, the little red-headed kid was upstairs what’s more, heard popping what’s more, he came down the steps,’ neighbor Deanna Bowlds told KHOU 11.

‘And I don’t know what he saw, yet he went what’s more, hailed down one of the Kid Scout fathers what’s more, inquired him to call 911 for him.

‘They were a calm family. We’d seen the little kid outside all the time what’s more, he appears like a great little kid,’ she added.

Big argument: Neighbors purportedly heard the young men contending in the back yard
‘They got into a huge contention what’s more, my neighbor right there heard them contending in the back yard,’ said another friend, Austin Warax. ‘She heard a few commotion, yet she didn’t think anything of it. At that point I was told that he wounded both the little kids.’

The young men mother, Gina, crumpled after the murders what’s more, was being treated recently at Commemoration Hermann Hospital.
She what’s more, her husband, Christian – who is said to have initially come from the Los Angeles region – have been hitched more than 20 a long time what’s more, had three children what’s more, a young daughter.
According to the Chronicle, the little girl as of late declared her engagement what’s more, pregnancy.

Neighbours said Thornton didn’t live with the family.

One report said the killed young men what’s more, their sister were adopted. Both Seeker what’s more, Jhaden gone to the adjacent Northampton Rudimentary School. Seeker was a firth grader what’s more, Jhaden was in the third grade.
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