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By David Gerges Updated: 20:35 BST, 31 January 2012
The previous football executive denounced of sending bungs to Harry Redknapp has rejected the allegations of impose evasion.
Milan Mandaric said he was worth more than £100 million at the time what’s more, paid £55 million in charges over six years.
He told Southwark Crown Court that the claims were ‘sad, out of line what’s more, an insult’ to his family what’s more, his associates.
Mandaric rejected claims that he had maintained a strategic distance from paying impose by sending installments to an seaward account
Mandaric said: ‘Never, ever in my mind was coming the thought that I could get rich dodging money.
‘I did not indeed know what the word meant. I did not swindle anyone.

And he demanded that never ‘in a million years’ would he have paid £189,000 into the account to evade taxes.
‘I paid £55 million salary charges for six years,’ he added.
Harry Redknapp (left) arrives with his son, Jamie Redknapp, at Southwark Crown Court
He guaranteed the installments at the focus of tax-dodging assertions were beforehand ‘not a major factor in my life’.
Mandaric said ‘I was a occupied man, I was travelling’ at the point when letters were sent between legal counselors about the cash in Redknapp’s Monaco account.
‘I didn’t put it as my number one priority, basically,’ he added.
The previous Portsmouth executive continued: ‘It was not that I required this to come back immediately. In the long run I would get the cash back.
He included ‘it was more vital that we were going in the right direction’ at Portsmouth what’s more, as friends.
‘I truly was not in support of this letter, it was between Harry what’s more, me,’ Mandaric said.
‘I didn’t press with him. To me it was most vital that we get back on the track … this was not a major factor in my life.’

Better days: Mandaric, right, who worked with Redknapp, left, at Portsmouth said the match are presently companions again
Milan Mandaric said he what’s more, Redknapp were companions once more after their ‘divorce’ at the point when Redknapp joined Portsmouth’s rivals Southampton.
He added: ‘As of today we are the same companions as we were some time recently 2004.’
However he included that the current Tottenham supervisor had a inclination to gripe over money related matters.
The executive depicted how the match bandied over regardless of whether the supervisor was owed a 5% or, on the other hand 10% reward on the Hunch sale.
‘He has a inclination to moan, to be unhappy, to find something,” Mandaric said.
Mandaric more than once denied that the Monaco account was anything to do with Portsmouth.
‘The club had the money. The club could have paid him.’
When inquired in the event that he thought it ‘unusual’ that Redknapp had named the account after his dog, Rosie, Mandaric said he had met the pet a few times.
‘I do not see anything unusual,’ he added.
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