Teenage girl killed while walking on motorway at 4am hours after posting message to friends and family on Twitter

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Published: 19:59 BST, 18 Walk 2013 | Updated: 20:50 BST, 18 Walk 2013

The father who was gotten after he hijacked his little girl what’s more, uncovered that he had been imagining to be a removed Rockefeller relative for decades is presently back in court to stand trial for a cold-case kill of his proprietor what’s more, his spouse back in 1985.

The case against German foreigner Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter begun today as the prosecutor set up his case to demonstrate that he was the one to fault for his previous landlord’s murder.

He has argued not blameworthy to the slaughtering of John Sohus, 27, who vanished with his wife, Linda, in 1985 while Gerhartsreiter – utilizing an assumed name – was a visitor house inhabitant at the home of Sohus’ mother, where the couple lived.
Back in court: Christian Gerhartseiter, who for a long time imagined to be a far off relative of the Rockefeller family, showed up in court on Monday (above) for a kill trial over the demise of his previous landlord

Legal trouble: Gerhartsreiter’s story was uncovered after he hijacked his girl in 2008 what’s more, presently he is denounced of slaughtering his proprietor John Sohus in February 1985
Making an impression: Gerhartsreiter showed up clean shaven what’s more, in a suit at the point when he was in court on Monday
The prosecution’s case is circumstantial, based on a pack of bones found covered at the property what’s more, fluffy recollections of occupants of San Marino, a affluent Los Angeles suburb. They knew the respondent as Chris Chichester.

The protection says there was no intention for the respondent to murder anyone.
When Chichester all of a sudden vanished from San Marino, occupants didn’t interface him with the vanishing of the Sohuses.
Violent death: The remains accepted to be of John Sohus, seen with his then-wife Linda, who is too missing, were found to have kicked the bucket of different breaks of the skull exacted by a limit object, potentially a baseball bat
Connection: The bones accepted to have a place to Mr Sohus were found covered at a home Garhartsreiter was living at while going by the name Chichester
For Gerhartsreiter, it was the begin of an odyssey over America, utilizing the names Christopher Crowe, Chip Smith what’s more, Clark Rockefeller, a faker to the famous oil fortune.
Caught: Gerhartsreiter was serving a 4-5 year sentence for grabbing his little girl in Boston after his then-wife Sandra Manager (seen here) learned he was lying to her
He was close to the end of a jail term for the grabbing of his youthful girl in a Boston guardianship debate at the point when the kill charge hindered his shot to recover his freedom.
After a quarter century, Los Angeles Province specialists figured it out the man in guardianship in Boston was not a Rockefeller beneficiary be that as it may the man who had lived in San Marino decades earlier.

While the uncovered bones were connected to John Sohus, no follow has been found of his wife.
The man at the focus of the puzzle escaped specialists for years, moving to New York what’s more, at that point Boston where he fraternized in high society, guaranteeing to be a Rockefeller what’s more, wedding a lady with whom he had a daughter.

She separated him at the point when she found out he had tricked her.

Last year he was indicted of grabbing his little girl in Boston amid a severe guardianship dispute.

Gerhartsreiter is serving a four- to five-year jail sentence. He would be qualified for parole this year in the event that he was not confronting the California charge, which could bring him 26 a long time to life in jail on the off chance that convicted.

At the hijacking trial, Mr Denner guaranteed his customer was enduring from a preposterous clutter what’s more, was lawfully crazy at the point when he grabbed his girl amid a managed visit.

Prosecutors depicted him as a ace controller who utilized different nom de plumes what’s more, told expound lies about his past since moving to the Joined together States in the 1970s.
Infamy: His story picked up worldwide consideration at the point when he grabbed his girl Reigh in 2008
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