How 2,500 hairy (and lairy) bikers ruined family’s 4,000 Caribbean cruise by staging belly-flopping contests and having sex in hot tubs

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Published: 20:13 BST, 24 November 2012 | Updated: 15:50 BST, 25 November 2012
Wednesday night police arrived a the San Antonio home of Marshall Lee Giles to find a horrifying scene straight out of a repulsiveness film.
In the house they found him lying on the sofa groaning what’s more, dying from were a few enormous slices in his head, what’s more, his cleared out eye dangled from the socket.
Officers said the victim’s spouse had gone to purchase cigarettes with the couple’s grandson, at that point remained outside to smoke uninformed her spouse was injured.

Dangerous: Police said Marshall Giles Jr. Captured started grinning what’s more, chuckling at the point when he heard the charges against him
At to start with the grandson told police that a man he didn’t know had assaulted Lee Giles at that point run off through the back door.

He at that point said the man’s son, Marshall Lee Giles Jr., 19, had ‘tugged him on his shoulder’ what’s more, said he cherished him some time recently running away.
The officer inquired in the event that Lee Giles Jr. had cut his father, what’s more, the kid said he didn’t know.

He afterward conceded Lee Giles Jr. had struck him with an axe.

Police at that point found found the child stowing away in the crawlspace, supporting a long-handled hatchet.
He inquired police in the event that his father was dead. At that point he gave a full confession.
Marshall Lee Giles passed away just a maybe a couple hours after the assault was discovered.
When Lee Giles Jr. was booked later, he started to ‘smile what’s more, laugh’ as officers read the charges against him.

Lee Giles Jr. was initially booked on $20,000 bond what’s more, an disturbed attack charge, yet as the charge is anticipated to be updated to kill his safeguard will likely change.

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