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Published: 21:28 BST, 19 November 2012 | Updated: 21:28 BST, 19 November 2012
A New York City Firefighter claims his new meatless consume less calories so angered his co-workers that they’d put him on the rooftop of a consuming building in the trusts they wouldn’t have to share one more dinner with him.

An 8-year-veteran of the fire department, Anthony Harper, 42, went veggie lover two a long time prior in the trust of making strides his health.

Which implied he was too declining to share in or, on the other hand pay for the department’s protein-heavy mutual meals.

Ostracized: Since getting to be a vegetarian, Anthony Harper claims individual firefighters have harrassed him, debilitated him, what’s more, attempted to put him on top of consuming buildings
‘It appeared that each single dinner there was a meat dish. It was continuously chicken what’s more, red meat,’ he told the New York Post.

‘It’s a culture where you eat what everyone else eats, what’s more, in the event that it’s not what you are acclimated to – what’s more, you need to thin down what’s more, lose weight what’s more, won’t eat it – well it leads to problems.’
Harper says that some time recently his diet, he was getting fat what’s more, smoked cigars.
But at the point when his spouse got pregnant he begun stressing about being a father what’s more, needed to better his wellbeing habits.

His waistline got littler yet his issues got bigger. He claims his associates were so disturbed by his vegetarianism they begun pitilessly bothering him.
Deadly: Harper is stressed that making veggies a foundation of his eat less carbs he’ll miss out on a promotion
It got so bad, he says, that at one point he was given risky assignments on the rooftops of consuming structures what’s more, undermined with violence.

He says it went so far that he was indeed head-butted by a individual firefighter over a list dispute.

As discipline for grumbling he was reassigned from Step 146 in Greenpoint to the division base camp in downtown Broooklyn what’s more, has been taken off obligation in support of planting him in front of a PC screen for administrative work.

The fire division says Harper’s story is totally fabricated.
‘The thought that Firefighter Harper has been in any way bothered or, on the other hand disturbed since he’s a veggie lover is nonsense,’ said FDNY representative Jim Long. ‘Firehouses over the city have people who are veggie lovers or, on the other hand who have uncommon diets — i.e., nourishment allergies, etc. — what’s more, they are suited all the time.’

No situate at the table: Since going veggie lover Harper won’t pay for the department’s mutual meals
Still, Harper claims that some time recently he cut out the meat he had a immaculate followed record free of disciplinary issues.

Now, he claims he’s the as it were firefighter composed up fro missing work since of Tropical storm Sandy.

Harper lives on Staten Island what’s more, had issues getting to work with transportation out over the city.

The NYFD affirmed Harper was considered Missing amid Sandy be that as it may could not affirm or, on the other hand deny regardless of whether other firefighters were also composed up. 
Harper is up for advancement before long yet stresses the division will utilize his vegetarianism as an pardon to deny him a lieutenant’s rank what’s more, cut his excursion days yet for presently he’ll have to trust for the best.
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