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Published: 21:44 BST, 23 October 2013 | Updated: 23:12 BST, 23 October 2013
He may have missed his shot at moving into the White House be that as it may affluent previous presidential competitor Glove Romney is absolutely making beyond any doubt there is a few old school interest to his most recent property venture.

An review of the floor plans to the Romney family’s new excursion house in Holladay, Salt Lake City, has found a little 11-foot-by-5-foot room covered up behind a bookshelf in the study.

With Romney arranging to tear down the home that right now sits on the land, diagrams for the soon-to-be-constructed house appear the mystery path is twice as long as it is wide, with the section inauspiciously stamped in the reports as ‘hidden door’.

A counterfeit shelf would swing open into the contemplate to get into the mystery room.
The unique nook runs along the back of the ‘coat room’ what’s more, ‘powder room’ what’s more, is not far from the fundamental entryway.

The plans appear the room is lined with cabinets.
‘X’ marks the spot: Engineering format illustrations of Glove Romney’s soon-to-be-built home in Holladay, Utah, appear plans for a ‘hidden door’ what’s more, mystery room just off the ponder what’s more, sequestered behind shelving
Wider see of the floorplan of Glove Romney’s new get-away home in Holladay, a suburb inside Salt Lake City. The diagrams appear how the ‘hidden door’ is gotten to from the study, with the mystery room sitting behind the coat room what’s more, ‘powder room’ (bathroom)

The huge property is set to begin building any day now. Romney’s think about highlights a book case that swivels open what’s more, leads into mystery room, The Salt Lake Tribune reports, based on records it obtained

Storage or, on the other hand safe haven? Floorplans revealed for the new house Glove Romney is building in Utah appear a covered up room will be fabricated behind the study. Counterfeit bookshelves, maybe like the one imagined here, will stamp the entryway to the room, which will be twice as long as it is wide. The plans check it as being utilized for ‘office storage’

So what’s the plan, guys? Glove Romney what’s more, spouse Ann have declined to remark about the plans of their new house in Holladay, Salt Lake City, which have uncovered a covered up room

Front of house: In spite of being of better than average estimate already, Romney what’s more, his spouse Ann will tear down this home they purchased in Holladay – their second Utah property – what’s more, manufacture something that will better fit their enormous family. ‘That¿s a good-size house, be that as it may he has a part of grandkids so he needs a put to have everybody,’ said Taylor Oldroyd, boss official of the Utah Province Affiliation of Realtor.

The Salt Lake Tribune, which found the room by getting get to to the floor plans through an open records request, said it has been stamped for ‘office storage’.
However the Atlantic Wire has recommended the self-evident clarification is that the space would be utilized as a ‘panic room’.

‘If we learned anything from the to begin with decade of the 21st century, it’s that favor houses have extraordinary rooms in which occupants can cover up in the occasion of a home invasion,’ The Wire reported.

‘Since the Romney’s had to give up their Mystery Benefit assurance last November, it as it were makes sense that the family would go out of its way to guarantee its safety.’

A representative for Romney declined to remark on the room.

Panic rooms were made well known by a 2002 spine chiller featuring Jodie Foster, about a mother what’s more, little girl who purchase a New York brownstone as it were to be assaulted by robbers the night they move in.

The movie, essentially called Freeze Room, was roused by a news story at the time about the rise in fame of strengthened rooms being fabricated in fabulous living arrangements as a safe shield or, on the other hand stowing away put for the owners, agreeing to chief David Fincher.

The 5,900-square-foot Holladay house will be the fifth home for the previous Republican applicant what’s more, his spouse Ann, who have five children what’s more, 23 grandchildren.

Leafy oasis: The Holladay get-away house lies at the end of this separated driveway

Sold: The Romney’s as it were as of late purchased the property from Bere Regis Realty

Romney as of late purchased an far reaching log lodge in the Utah mountain resort of Stop City that was on the showcase for $8.9 million, reports Forbes.

In 2009 Romney sold a comparative house he had possessed in the same range for 14 years.

The new Utah dwelling place was fabricated in 1991 what’s more, highlights six bedrooms, eight washrooms what’s more, over 8,700 square feet of space.
The posting depicted it as: ‘As included in Building Digest, this ‘Utah Rustic’ home gave prestigious nearby modeler Fred Babcock the opportunity to extend past what one accepted could regularly be accomplished in log construction. Involved of entirety logs what’s more, numerous nearby materials, inside planner David Krajeski made an inside that welcomes both fabulous engaging what’s more, comfortable relaxation. The building outline is focused on the two-story incredible room with huge stone chimney what’s more, great sees to the Uinta Mountains what’s more, beyond.’

Following much controversy, the California Beach front Commission chosen prior this month to permit the Romney’s to move forward with plans to destroy their La Jolla beachfront home what’s more, supplant it with an 11,000-square-foot mansion. A neighbor had grumbled the house would be as well enormous what’s more, piece the shoreline sees of other residents

This current house will be torn down for the new uber-home to be built

Romney’s third house, in the waterfront California town of La Jolla, north of San Diego, has been a later source of contention.

The politico had arranged to tear down the existing 3,000-square-foot home he purchased in 2008 for $12 million what’s more, manufacture a walloping 11,000-square-foot dream home.

However the plans were slowed down on the dissension of a neighbor, who accepted the home would be as well big.

On Oct. 11 Romney was given the go-ahead after it was finished up the ‘vast dominant part of the square film will be contained in the storm cellar what’s more, to begin with floor’ what’s more, that the house would not hinder on open sees along the shoreline it overlooks.

Rounding out his property portfolio, Romney too has a lodge in New Hampshire what’s more, a apartment suite in Belmont, Massachusetts.
Romney’s offer to be president came up short at the point when he lost to Barack Obama in the 2012 election.
He has talked beforehand about how, at the point when to start with beginning out, he lived in an loft as well little for a eating room table what’s more, that he ate supper off an pressing board.
Ann Romney as of late discharged a new cookbook, ‘The Romney Family Table’, in which she composes about formulas what’s more, the sustenance shared by the family through the ups what’s more, downs of their lives.
‘It’s truly about adore what’s more, sharing the table what’s more, what you learn at the table, how you appreciate each other, how you build up traditions,’ Ann told The Republican.

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