Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

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Published: 21:50 BST, 26 June 2012 | Updated: 22:52 BST, 26 June 2012
A newly-released investigative report has found that George Zimmerman passed two lie locator tests given to him on the night Trayvon Martin was shot dead, backing up his rendition of the events.
An hour-long cross examination video discharged this week caught Zimmerman as he depicted the occasions driving up to the minute at the point when Trayvon Martin was shot with a single slug to the chest.
As he spoke, his voice levels were being measured with a Pc Voice Stretch Analyzer (CVSA), what’s more, was found to be telling the truth.

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Interrogation: Zimmerman is addressed by a police analyst on the day after the Trayvon Martin shooting

Probe: Zimmerman motions in an cross examination video discharged this week along with new confirm that shows he passes two lie finder tests after the shooting
However, the comes about of such tests are as a rule not permissible in court.
Sanford analyst Chris Serino said Zimmerman verbally stood up to the unarmed 17-year-old some time recently the physical fight that finished at the point when Zimmerman shot what’s more, slaughtered Martin.
Zimmerman asserted he was acting in self-defence at the point when he shot the teen, who was returning to his father’s girlfriend’s house from a 7-Eleven store with an frosted tea for himself what’s more, Skittles for his little sibling on the night of the NBA All-Star Game.
A second report that was too discharged today said Zimmerman would have been capable to defuse the showdown on the off chance that he would have recognized himself as a neighborhood observe captain.
The two got into a fistfight what’s more, the 28-year-old Zimmerman keeps up that Martin assaulted him what’s more, was beating him up some time recently he lethally shot him.

Questions: Zimmerman, imagined in court in April, will next show up at a bond hearing set for June 29
He has argued not blameworthy to second-degree murder.
Serino composed in his report that Zimmerman what’s more, witnesses said the respondent who was in his auto maintained a strategic distance from Martin at the point when he to begin with saw him because, as he told investigators, ‘was perplexed of Martin.’ 
Serino moreover said that afterward in the encounter, Zimmerman got out of his SUV what’s more, taken after Martin.
‘His activities are conflicting of those of a individual who has expressed he was in fear of another subject,’ Serino wrote.
Based on his investigation, Serino suggested a charge of homicide to the state attorney.
Today, it developed that Serino, the lead criminologist in the case, has been reassigned to the watch division at his request.
A Sanford Police Office articulation said Serino made the reassignment choice ‘of his claim volition.’ He will start his new task in July. He did not have a recorded number.

Blow by blow: A video of George Zimmerman describing his deadly shooting of Trayvon Martin in his possess words a day after the assault has been discharged by the man’s lawful barrier team
‘Violent’: Zimmerman claims Martin at that point stuck him to the ground what’s more, was pummeling his head against the concrete at the point when the youngster spotted his weapon what’s more, come to for it

‘Self defense’: Zimmerman claims he come to down his side for the weapon what’s more, shot him as he dreaded for his life
An cross examination video too discharged this week appears Zimmerman being addressed about the shooting by analysts from the Sanford Police Department.

In video discharged last week by his attorney, Zimmerman told agents his side of the story about the shooting.

He told them he gotten his weapon from a holster on his abdomen some time recently Martin could get it, what’s more, shot the adolescent once in the chest.
After firing, Zimmerman said thought he missed since Martin didn’t promptly fall over.
Zimmerman said Martin had been on top of him, pummeling his head against the ground what’s more, covering his mouth what’s more, nose with his hand what’s more, arm.

The tape appears two butterfly wraps on the back of Zimmerman’s head what’s more, another on his nose. There are red marks on the front of his head.
Before attack: Reconnaissance film appears Martin at a nearby 7-Eleven store where he went to purchase a snack

Last sighting: He is seen purchasing a pack of Skittles what’s more, a can of frosted tea, what’s more, pays the cashier
‘It felt like my head was going to explode,’ he says in the video.
Zimmerman claims he shot the youngster in self-defense, under Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law.
Martin’s guardians have said Zimmerman was the aggressor. They said Martin was strolling back from a comfort store through the gated group in Sanford at the point when Zimmerman spotted the dark adolescent what’s more, begun following him. They guarantee their child was racially profiled.
Zimmerman’s father is white what’s more, his mother Hispanic.
The most recent discharge of reports in the case have come on the heels of unflattering phone calls catching Zimmerman what’s more, his spouse talking in code about utilizing cash gathered for a barrier support to pay credit cards.
Fears: The reports come about a week after the discharge of Tracy Martin’s unfortunate call to police to report his child missing. Trayvon, who had gone out to purchase sweets, what’s more, his father are pictured
During her husband’s starting bond hearing, Shellie Zimmerman affirmed that they had restricted reserves since she was a fulltime understudy what’s more, Zimmerman wasn’t working. Prosecutors say they had raised about $135,000 from a website set up for his lawful barrier at the time of the April hearing.
She was charged June 13 with making a false statement. That came just days after a judge renounced George Zimmerman’s bond for misdirecting the court about his finances.
He remains in imprison anticipating a second bond hearing booked for Friday.

Stand off: In the video, Zimmerman (left) claims he taken after Martin (right) to see where he went in arrange to offer assistance officers arriving at the scene – indeed despite the fact that a 911 responder told him not to

Injuries: As Zimmerman strolls through the neighborhood where the assault occurred, he wears mortars on his head what’s more, nose. He endured a broken nose what’s more, slashes to his head in the attack
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