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Published: 22:50 BST, 14 September 2012 | Updated: 23:03 BST, 14 September 2012
Tragic death: Previous Stamford High School football player Marcus Dixon, pictured, incidentally shot himself on Thursday night
A previous Stamford High School football player who overcame vagrancy as a adolescent to play for West Point has passed on after coincidentally shooting himself in the head.
Marcus Dixon, 22, was appearing his .45 gauge semi-automatic gun to companions at his Stillwater Street flat just after 7pm on Thursday at the point when he held the weapon to his head what’s more, pulled the trigger.

According to police, the footballer had taken the magazine out of the weapon what’s more, pulled the stunt considering it was empty, yet one round was still in the chamber.
Dixon was articulated dead at the scene what’s more, drugs or, then again liquor did not show up to be a factor in the death, Lt. Diedrich Hohn told The Stamford Advocate.

‘There was nothing illegal. It was a deplorable accident,’ Hohn said.

Dixon never knew his organic mother what’s more, told The Advocate in an meet four a long time back that his father dropped him off in the town at the point when he was in seventh review with the separating words: ‘Kid, you’re on your claim now.’

The youngster overseen to maintain a strategic distance from encourage homes, remaining with different friends.

When he was 17, his companion Lauren McInerney’s parents, Rose what’s more, Barry, followed his father down what’s more, lawfully received Dixon, inciting ‘180-degree turn’ in his life.

But his family what’s more, football partners are presently grieving the deplorable misfortune of the youthful star.

Turnaround: Dixon, pictured, who overcame vagrancy as a adolescent to play for West Point
Star player: Dixon, pictured, was the previous chief of the Stamford High School football team

Adopted: After being surrendered by his parents, Dixon was received by his friend’s family
Captain Richard Conklin told the daily paper that Dixon may have been under the mixed up impression that the weapon he was holding had a magazine separate safety, which makes the weapon inoperable at the point when the magazine is removed.

But Dixon’s gun did not have that security feature.

Two of Dixon’s companions were performing CPR on him at the point when police what’s more, crisis teams arrived yet he could not be resuscitated.
‘Marcus had a parcel of unpleasant spots in his life what’s more, did not have it simple developing up,’ previous Stamford High School mentor Kevin Jones told the Advocate.

‘When he came to us there were a parcel of things that we required to address that had nothing to do with football, yet we utilized football as a way to bargain with them. The turnaround that kid made is likely the most noteworthy I have ever seen in my 20 a long time of coaching.’
Apartment: Dixon shot himself with his .45 gauge semi-automatic gun at the Stillwater Street apartment, pictured, he moved into two months ago
Jones said Dixon was favored with a develop body at the point when he was youthful what’s more, had a enormous work ethic.

The group was 5-5 in Dixon’s senior year, amid which he hurried for 977 yards what’s more, scored two touchdowns. He too had 35 handles on defense.

Current Stamford High School Head Mentor Bryan Hocter was still battling to come to terms with the tragedy. 
‘I’m in shock. I don’t know what to say. It is a awful mischance for something like this to happen. It’s just awful,’ Hocter said.
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