Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

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Published: 22:52 BST, 30 May 2012 | Updated: 00:10 BST, 31 May 2012
One of America’s most needed criminals blamed of killing his two little girls since they were dating non-Muslim young men is accepted to be working as a cab driver in New York City.
Egyptian-born Yaser Said fled his home in 2008 after professedly shooting little girls Aminia, 18, what’s more, Sarah, 17, in an terrible ‘honour killing’ on New Year’s Day.

He is presently one of the FBI’s most needed criminals.
Killer: Egyptian-born Yaser Said, pictured, professedly shot his two little girls in an horrendous ‘honour killing’ what’s more, is presently driving a cab in New York
But private analyst Charge Warner has been following the man, in his early fifties, on sake of the girls’ close relative what’s more, accepts he never cleared out the Joined together States, instead taking shelter with family in New York, concurring to Fox News.

‘It’s all he knows what’s more, I wouldn’t be amazed one bit in the event that he’s there working as a taxi driver,’ Warner told the station.

‘He could mix in at a city like New York.’
Yassein Said, Yaser’s brother, lives just north of Westchester Region what’s more, a maybe a couple a long time back Warner found a post office in the zone recorded under the names of the two men.
‘The siblings are truly tight, so it’s likely they helped him in a few way,’ he said.

Sad: Said told little girls Aminia, 18, what’s more, Sarah, 17, pictured, he was taking them to get something to eat some time recently he shot what’s more, murdered them

Murdered: Said was irate at the sisters, pictured, since they were dating non-Muslim boys

Honour: The murders were named an ‘honour killing’ – an act drilled outside of standard Islam where a family part can be murdered for bringing ‘great dishonor’ to the family
Hunt: The girls’ aunt, Gail Gartrell, utilized private agent Charge Warner to track down Said
New York’s Taxi what’s more, Limousine Commission directs yellow taxis what’s more, requires criminal foundation checks for anybody applying for a license.

But Said could effortlessly be leasing a authorized auto illicitly or, on the other hand utilizing his claim vehicle to illegally pick up fares, concurring to Fernando Mateo, president of the New York State Establishment of Taxi Drivers.
‘There are 10,000 illicit drivers in New York City,’ Mateo told the station.
‘It’s as simple as getting in your auto what’s more, driving to the airplane terminal or, on the other hand picking up unlawful road hails.’

Said took his Egyptian international ID what’s more, $9,000 at the point when he catapulted despite the fact that Warner accepts the money wouldn’t have been enough to get to Egypt what’s more, set up a new life.
‘He was not fiscally solvent,’ the agent told Fox News.

Cabbie: Private agent Charge Warner accepts Said is working as a cab driver in New York City (file photo)
‘He did not claim the cab he drove. He didn’t have the budgetary quality to leave.’

Said professedly shot his little girls after they ran away from home a week earlier, dreading that he would slaughter them for dating non-Muslim boys.

The girls’ aunt, Gail Gartrell, guaranteed the murders were an ‘honour killing’ – an act rehearsed outside of standard Islam where a family part can be slaughtered for bringing ‘great dishonor’ to the family.

The girls’ American-born mother, Patricia Owens-Said, had fled with them days prior to Gartrell’s house in Kansas, too dreading her spouse would hurt the girls.

The three were arranging to move to Tulsa, be that as it may Owens-Said persuaded them to go back to Texas to begin with to put blooms on their grandmother’s grave.

Fugitive: Said, pictured, took his Egyptian visa what’s more, $9,000 at the point when he catapulted Dallas
When they got home, Said induced his little girls to get in his taxi to get something to eat, be that as it may he instead took them to a remote region where they were shot different times.

Some are calling for the girl’s mother to be arrested, guaranteeing she made a difference bait them back to their father so he could kill them.

‘There’s continuously been the hypothesis that she attempted to cover it up,’ said Warner.
‘She was manhandled by Yaser. In the event that she didn’t do what he asked, she would get beaten. It was a battered lady syndrome.’

FBI authorities told Fox News that the agency was helping in the look for Said.

It depicts the 6-foot-2, 180-pound man as wearing a mustache what’s more, dim sunglasses, both inside what’s more, outside. He frequents Denny’s what’s more, I-Hop eateries what’s more, smokes Marlboro Light 100 cigarettes.
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