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Updated: 18:57 BST, 7 January 2011
It’s a uncommon locate to see perma-grinned combine Jedward lose their temper with anybody – let alone with each other.

But that’s what happens in the new advert for Travel Supermarket, in which the twins ‘fall out’ over the cost paid for the same holiday.

At to start with they are seen in coordinating tropical outfits – finish with Hawaiian shirts – joyfully tasting mixed drinks by the pool in the tongue-in-cheek Television commercial.
Jedward cheerfully taste mixed drinks by the pool in the tongue-in-cheek Television business for travelsupermarket.com

However, the X Factor twins, John what’s more, Edward Grimes, before long start to contend at the point when they find that they’ve both booked the correct same bundle bargain be that as it may for unique prices.

The advert, shot in South Africa, too stars entertainer Omid Djalili, who steps in to edify the match with a few exhortation about how they could have evaded their financial quandary.

Jedward aren’t the as it were ones to show up in a satire promotion for a cost correlation site – John Prescott has too just showed up in one, which too appeared this week.

The X Factor twins contend at the point when they find that they’ve both booked the correct same bundle bargain yet for unique prices
Lord Prescott stars in a parody video to advance the cash branch of travelsupermarket.com, moneysupermarket.com.
In it, he cheerfully gets the money for in on the infamous minute he pounded a voter who tossed an egg at him in the 2001 decision – by pointing blows at a punchbag.
The advertisement, for a cost correlation website what’s more, due to be appeared for the to start with time tonight, too makes fun of his notoriety as ‘Two Jags’.
Eye of the Tiger: Master Prescott takes his dissatisfaction out on a punchbag in the advert some time recently Omid Djallili steps in
It appears a tracksuited Prescott in boxing gloves, taking out his dissatisfaction at reestablishing his auto protection on the punchbag, to the strains of the melody Eye Of The Tiger from the Rough films.

The previous appointee prime serve is hindered by Omid Djalili, who calls him ‘Bruiser’ what’s more, tells him it is an costly business guaranteeing two old autos presently he is ‘no longer running the country’.

This is a reference to the two Panthers Master Prescott had in government, one of which was once utilized to drive him what’s more, his spouse Pauline the maybe a couple yards from his lodging to the Work gathering venue.
Terrifying: The previous bureau minister, in battling state of mind in the advert, has a startling look on his face
‘Thrilla in the Rhyl-a’: Amid the 2001 decision battle Master Prescott famously pounded nonconformist Craig Evans after he tossed an egg at him in the Welsh town of Rhyl

Recreated: Prescott conveys a right snare to a punchbag – what’s more, not a voter – nearly 10 a long time after the notorious episode in Rhyl in May 2001
Djalili recommends the Work peer visit moneysupermarket.com to find a great protection deal, saying: ‘Their bargain is a genuine vote champ – like you utilized to be?’
‘Are you attempting to be funny, lad?’ Master Prescott answers – some time recently being thumped over by his punchbag.

It is not known how much he was paid for the advert, be that as it may specialists said it would have been a five-figure sum.
Out of office: Advert star Omis Djalili insults Prescott saying ‘Their bargain is a genuine vote champ – like you utilized to be?’
Covered up: Autos underneath sheeting are a reference to Prescott’s cherish of Jaguars
Lord Prescott punched a voter in the Welsh town of Rhyl after being hit by an egg while battling for Labour.

It earned him the epithet Two Jabs.

Yesterday, he thought about the occasion to the ‘Thriller in Manila’ boxing coordinate between Muhammad Ali what’s more, Joe Frazier, saying: ‘I assume you could say this advert marks the tenth commemoration of my so-called Spine chiller in the Rhyl-a.’
Two-Jags: Ruler Prescott was known to appreciate the high life while in government, particularly Puma sports cars
Smack: Prescott hits the punchbag again. Sovereign Charles was bewildered by the politician’s propensity of adjusting a teacup what’s more, saucer on his stomach, Tony Blair uncovered in his autobiography
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