Delta plane delayed for hours after pilots got locked out of cockpit

By Day by day Mail Columnist
Updated: 21:26 BST, 22 November 2010

US Airplane terminal security was taken a step as well far on Sunday at the point when indeed the pilot what’s more, team were bolted out of the cockpit of a Delta Carriers flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta.
Delta flight 124 was booked to take off from Los Angeles’ Remiss at 9am yet was postponed by practically four hours while mechanics battled to open the door.
The Boeing 767-300 was brought to the right entryway from a remote location, said Delta Aircrafts representative Kristin Bauer.

Locked out: The Delta flight was postponed by four hours while mechanics broke into the cockpit
‘It was at that point found that the cockpit entryway was locked,’ Ms Bauer said. ‘A upkeep laborer was brought in to open the door.’
Ms Bauer did not clarify why it took the mechanics more than three hours to get to the cockpit.
Flight 124, which was booked to proceed on to Brussels, in the end took off from Remiss at 12.43 pm what’s more, landed in Atlanta at 7.36pm concurring to the Delta Carriers website.

This episode takes after the capture of a Delta Aircrafts pilot who was over the liquor constrain in September.
That pilot was prepared to take off from Amsterdam’s Schiphol air terminal with 200 travelers on board at the point when at that point emotional capture took put while the plane was maneuvering to the runway.
September moreover saw an brave Delta pilot performing an crisis landing with no landing gear, this time at New York’s JFK airport.

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