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Published: 14:04 BST, 17 November 2012 | Updated: 14:18 BST, 17 November 2012
The frightful revelation of two decayed bodies stuffed in barrels what’s more, dumped in a South Carolina lake have agents looking for more barrels what’s more, more bodies.

‘We need to make beyond any doubt we get everything that is out there,’ sheriff’s spokesman.
There may be one lead — police have served a seek warrant at a home close where the bodies were recovered, what’s more, a chain saw what’s more, blades were taken as conceivable evidence.
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Dead: Experts found the bodies of Andrea Mitchell, 37 (left) what’s more, Tony McGinnis, 53 (right)
Grisly: The two bodies were found stuffed into barrels in a lake in South Carolina on Thursday

Both bodies have been formally identified.
Anderson Province Coroner Greg Shore said Andrea Mitchell, 37, of Anderson was found, reports the Anderson Autonomous Mail. The other body, found a half mile away what’s more, too stuffed in a barrel, has been recognized as 53-year-old Tony McGinnis, of Starr, South Carolina. Shore said McGinnis’ body had been dismembered.
‘It’s shocking,’ said Curtis Hollingsworth, who lives nearby. ‘It’s frightening to know that something like this, this close to the house, is going on.’
Investigators proceeded Friday to seek the zone where the two barrels were found.
The bodies were found late Wednesday what’s more, late Thursday afternoon.
Recovery: The barrels were found half a mile separated what’s more, police are presently exploring a interface between the deaths
Crime Scene: Agents pull out the barrel that contained one of the victims’ bodies
Anderson Province sheriff’s representative Chad McBride said agents were out until late Thursday what’s more, returned Friday with boats, canines what’s more, jumpers to proceed the seek for evidence, concurring to the Autonomous Mail.
They too will look for any extra barrels, be that as it may there is no sign that more bodies will be found, he said.
McBride said he was not mindful of any captures or, on the other hand charges being documented in the case as of Friday afternoon.
A look warrant was served at a home close where the bodies were recovered, what’s more, a chain saw what’s more, blades were expelled from that home by investigators. Police have affirmed that the warrant is in association with the case.
The two passings are being explored as related homicides, Shore what’s more, McBride said. Shore included it is clear from the condition of Mitchell’s body, that her demise was of a rough nature.
Beauty To Busted: Law authorization officers found the body of Andrea Mitchell, 37, at the point when they spotted a barrel what’s more, knew ‘something clearly didn’t appear right” In this capture photograph on the right, Ms Mitchell scarcely looks like the same excellence on the left

It’s evaluated that both bodies had been in the barrels for around 30 days, McBride told NBC News. Agents accept that the passings are related.
‘From what we know it sounds like they were likely dead some time recently they were put in the barrels,’ McBride said.
It’s not however known how the casualties were killed.
McBride said the remains were ‘in lovely awful shape’ what’s more, depicted ‘a extremely bloody scenario.’
‘We’ve had a few lovely frightful murders what’s more, odd cases in our province yet this is certainly another one of those that’s very unusual,’ he told NBC News.
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