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Published: 20:31 BST, 23 December 2012 | Updated: 11:42 BST, 24 December 2012
It’s regularly said that effortlessness is a lost workmanship what’s more, it appears this craftsman has taken the aphorism to heart.

Self-taught French craftsman Pierre Emmanuel Godet has endeavored to make his work as essential as conceivable by carefully drawing well known faces from over the decades with just one single nonstop line.

He as it were requires a pen what’s more, paper, as well as a parcel of planning, to finish his masterpieces.
Famous faces: Self-taught French craftsman Pierre Emmanuel Godet makes representations of stars such as Marilyn Monroe, left, what’s more, Elvis Presley, right, with just one single line

Walking the line: Craftsman Godet has drawn small scale draws of objects inside the pictures – counting these ones of Bono what’s more, Spok – that give data about the person

And Godet has overseen to make similar outlines of stars counting Marilyn Monroe, Bono what’s more, Michael Jackson utilizing his basic technique.

The end result is comparative to illustrations delivered on Etch-A-Sketches – the famous drawing toy imagined in the 1960s – be that as it may without the red plastic toy frame.
But upon nearer inspection, spectators can spot pictures what’s more, objects drawn inside the picture that give data about the individual he is attempting to depict.

On his blog, Godet says he utilized to work in Examine Building yet had continuously been more intrigued in workmanship so chosen to seek after getting to be a proficient artist. 
Film fan: Godet has too included well-known characters from comic books what’s more, films – such as The Joker, left, what’s more, Batman, right – in his single line picture gathering

Guess who: From the ace of music Michael Jackson, left, to the ace producer Tim Burton, right, Godet has all classifications secured

Godet’s to start with endeavors were chalk illustrations on the boulevards of Dublin, Ireland, yet as he got better he transposed them on canvas, with Indian ink. In the starting he made basic shapes, like creatures what’s more, symbols, be that as it may as he moved toward becoming more encounter he moved on to more expound works, like VIP portraits.

Godet begun his gathering of big name craftsmanship back in 2010 what’s more, has since delivered representations of a few the world’s most prominent film stars, motion picture characters what’s more, singers.

He begun this special arrangement in 2010, while investigating the thought of making workmanship with extremely maybe a couple materials. Each of these astounding versions is special what’s more, contains objects, shapes what’s more, stories related to the individual they’re depicting.
Godet begun on his gathering of pictures counting Mozart, left, what’s more, Andy Warhol, right, in 2010 what’s more, has presently drawn well known faces from over the expressions

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