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Published: 20:53 BST, 21 January 2014 | Updated: 22:47 BST, 21 January 2014
Unlike other felines what’s more, dogs, Santos what’s more, Blakely don’t fight.

Cincinnati Zoo has discharged an charming video of ocelot kitten, Santos, playing with his puppy friend, Blakely, for the last time yesterday.

The charitable partner puppy can be seen snuggling the kitten, as Santos energetically taps him away.
But for zookeepers, the delicate minute was bittersweet.

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Sharing a moment: Santos the ocelot what’s more, puppy Blakely bolt eyes amid their last play date at Cincinnati Zoo

Too charming for words: Cincinnati Zoo has discharged charming film of little ocelot kitten, Santos, playing with his puppy buddy one last time some time recently he moves out of the nursery

The match have spent about each day together since Santos was brought into the zoo’s nursery about 11-weeks ago, since his mother didn’t create enough drain to nourish him.
But now, Santos is taking off the nursery for the Feline Envoy Program, which gives zoo guests the opportunity to see leash-trained felines up close without bars.
According to the zoo’s Facebook page, Santos was conceived November 2 at the Abilene Zoo in Texas.
He’ll move toward becoming a part of the Cincinnati Zoo’s Cheetah Experience Appear in the summer of 2014.

Blakely, a sidekick pooch for new what’s more, child creatures in the zoo’s nursery, will proceed his critical work.

Close bond: Santos (left) what’s more, Blakely (right) have developed close in their short time together at Cincinnati Zoo

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