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Published: 20:54 BST, 5 November 2012 | Updated: 20:58 BST, 5 November 2012
A Los Angeles man had  to be cut down from a metal fence after he shakily skewered himself on the sharp spikes on top of it.

The man, who police say was drunk, had climbed the fence encompassing a slope home in Hollywood Slopes with a companion in arrange to ‘get a pleasant see of the city.’
His companion made it over the fence. He didn’t.
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Ouch: The man’s thigh was pierced by at minimum one of the fashioned press spikes at the top of the fence

Stuck: The man was gotten high in above the ground. Firefighters had to work from the top of stepping stools to free him
Cut away: Firefighters utilized a extensive combine of jolt cutters to hack through the fence
KTLA-TV caught the cringe-inducing experience as a firefighters utilized a match of huge jolt cutters to cut the fashioned press spikes that were holding the man in place.

It showed up that two spikes had punctured the man’s thigh, taking off him dangling dubiously on top of the fence.

When the fence was cut away, the bar that skewered the man’s leg fell to the ground.
He was lifted onto a stretcher what’s more, wheeled to a holding up ambulance.
Cameras caught his confront turned in torment as he was rescued.

Injured: Blood can be seen on the man’s pants as firefighters pull him off the fence

Recovery: The man was hurried to the hospital. He was anticipated to survive
Broken: This is the fence the firefighters had to cut away to free the man
The man pierced himself just after midnight on Sunday.

His name is unknown, in spite of the fact that he was in his mid-20s.

Police say they don’t accept the men were conferring a wrongdoing at the time.
The man’s condition at the healing facility was not known, despite the fact that he was anticipated to survive.

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