High flying civil servant is jailed for sexually assaulting a woman after pretending to be her knight in shining armour

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Published: 21:22 BST, 13 April 2013 | Updated: 16:39 BST, 14 April 2013
A four-year-old boy, named as Jack, yelled ‘Thatcher’s dead!’ with his father as individuals assembled in Trafalgar Square recently to celebrate the demise of Margaret Thatcher
A four-year-old kid hollered ‘Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead!’ to salud from the hundreds of individuals who celebrated the passing of Noble Thatcher in London’s Trafalgar Square yesterday.
The boy, named Jack, too yelled: ‘Thatcher’s dead!’ with his father, who gave his name as Howard.
‘I don’t see it as brainwashing,’ Howard, from Islington, north London, told the Sunday Express.
‘It is just learnt behaviour.’

Crowds accumulated to dissent against Noblewoman Thatcher’s heritage what’s more, check her demise with a party.
Union individuals from over the UK who had wild fights with Woman Thatcher in the 1980s rubbed shoulders with those illustrating against today’s welfare cuts.
Old what’s more, youthful turned out last night to check the previous prime minister’s passing in a ‘celebration’ that was numerous a long time in the planning.
Protesters gripped on to their umbrellas as they ‘celebrated’ the demise of Noblewoman Thatcher by drinking liquor in the square what’s more, droning ‘Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!’, agreeing to reports.

As an likeness of the previous Prime Serve made its way down the stairs in front of the National Gallery, the swarm droned ‘Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Dead! Dead! Dead!’ what’s more, sang verses from the Wizard of Oz song.
Despite the profundity of feeling what’s more, a huge police nearness there was no genuine inconvenience what’s more, maybe a couple arrests.
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Police lined Trafalgar Square in London as nonconformists met to celebrate the passing of Margaret Thatcher

During the dissent individuals drank juice what’s more, champagne, waving sparklers what’s more, letting off party poppers what’s more, they changed mottos about Woman Thatcher
One man was seen harmed after a fight in Trafalgar Square yesterday
Police captured 16 individuals matured between 18 what’s more, 44, in Trafalgar Square, Whitehall what’s more, adjacent streets.
Eight were captured for being tanked what’s more, disorderly, two for affray, two for open arrange offences, two for attack on police, one for break of the peace what’s more, one for discouraging police.
A Scotland Yard representative said: ‘Most of those captured remain in guardianship at a focal London police station.’
A Margaret Thatcher manikin was torn separated what’s more, set alight
Protesters, campaigners what’s more, activists assembled in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the passing of Noble Thatcher

The Anglican religious administrator of Noblewoman Thatcher’s home town has depicted the scale what’s more, cost of her burial service as a ‘mistake’ which may play into the hands of extremists.
The Religious administrator of Grantham, The Rt Revd Dr Tim Ellis, said the stately event, said to be costing up to £10million, was ‘asking for trouble’ in the midst of divisions about the late prime minister’s legacy.
In an meet with BBC Radio Lincolnshire, the religious administrator was inquired regardless of whether the organisers of the burial service had ‘got it right’ given feedback of its cost to the open purse.
Dr Ellis replied: ‘I actually don’t think that they have.
‘I think that in a setting where there is obviously incredible ill-feeling about her residency what’s more, about her legacy, to at that point as a matter of fact have a circumstance where we appear to be anticipating the country to laud that with a £10million funeral… I think any sensible individual would say that that is inquiring for trouble.
‘It plays into the hands of those more outrageous individuals who will utilize the memorial service as an opportunity to advance certain political views.’
He added: ‘I think it was likely a mistake.
‘I think that maybe what we ought to be doing is as a matter of fact checking her as a person, maybe some place in Grantham – a more low key yet more individual way of checking that.
‘And one which might bring together all the shades of conclusion about her.’
Baroness Thatcher’s father was a evangelist at the Methodist church in Grantham.
A police representative said the last of the dissidents cleared out Trafalgar Square at about 2am what’s more, there were no reports of any harm to property.
During yesterday’s Trafalgar Square challenge individuals drank juice what’s more, champagne, waving sparklers what’s more, letting off party poppers what’s more, they droned trademarks about Woman Thatcher, who passed on at The Ritz inn on Monday.
Members of the National Union of Mineworkers voyage to the capital from North East England, with others joining them from Scotland what’s more, Wales.
UK Uncut members, challenging about welfare cuts, too joined the demonstration.
One protester, drinking from a mug that read ‘I still abhor Thatcher’, said the occasion – at first arranged by presently outdated rebel gathering Class War – had been a long time in the planning.
The 49-year-old, who gave his name as it were as Steve, said: ‘I was here amid the Survey Charge revolt in the 1990s.

‘Subsequently, I was given a flyer saying Class War was going to arrange a party on the to begin with Saturday after she died, what’s more, I’ve never, ever overlooked it.
‘I’ve come from Brighton to be here today. I accept it’s something not to be celebrated, yet something that needs to be checked in history.’
Richard Watson, 45, from Brentwood, Essex, was joined by little girl Sian, 20.

The combine wore party caps what’s more, moved around in the square, with Mr Watson saying: ‘We’ve been holding up a long time for this.

‘It’s not a goad of the minute decision. I’ve known about this party for a long time – it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.’
He addressed the choice that taxpayers’ cash would be utilized in part to pay for Woman Thatcher’s stately burial service next week, saying of her family: ‘Why can’t they pay for it out of their estate?’.
Fergus Beam Murray, 34, from north London, made an model of Woman Thatcher from reused materials, which was cheered as he conveyed it through the crowds.

He said: ‘It’s a shot to lay her to rest as much as possible.’
The manikin was tore separated what’s more, set on fire while nonconformists assembled to watch

One dissident said yesterday’s tearing separated of the Woman Thatcher model was a shot to ‘lay her to rest’ as much as possible
Former mineworker Dave Douglas from Newcastle, part of the designation from the miners’ union, said Woman Thatcher was a ‘terrible woman’.
He said: ‘We’re totally angry at this picture that is being introduced on television, that the entirety nation is in mourning.
‘In the north of England, in Scotland, Grains what’s more, the Midlands, individuals are celebrating the certainty she’s gone since we don’t bolster what she did to our community, our industry what’s more, our unions.’

The Metropolitan Police said it made nine captures last night at the demonstration

Arrests were made for affray, break of the peace, debilitating conduct what’s more, being smashed what’s more, disorderly
Romany Blythe, who set up a Facebook page called ‘The witch is dead’ to empower individuals to go to Trafalgar Square last night, was seen at the protest
The feeling of the event was practically as well much for Fred Reynolds, 80, from Sidcup, Kent, who mournfully said: ‘She annihilated the way of life in our community.’
Mr Reynolds, who lost his work as a Day by day Express union official amid Woman Thatcher’s time in power, added: ‘I don’t need to see any brutality at all tonight.
A dissident jumps into the swarm from a edge outside the National Display amid yesterday’s ‘celebrations’ of the passing of Margaret Thatcher

Police said the occasion was ‘fairly peaceful’ what’s more, made nine arrests
Extra police were called in to screen the challenge after the number of dissidents grew, concurring to reports

Police said dissents were ‘fairly peaceful’
‘What causes the brutality is youngsters, who don’t indeed know what it’s all about, drinking what’s more, treating it as a night out.
‘But it’s not. We’re here to dissent about what she’s done what’s more, the hopelessness she caused in the country, particularly for the miners.’
Security was tight, with police officers positioned all through the square. Scotland Yard said they had an ‘appropriate policing operation’ in place.
Reports recommended the number of nonconformists begun to lessen as the rain proceeded to fall

The occasion at Trafalgar Square was due to be the greatest of a number of dissents held over the UK yesterday

Protesters too sang verses from ‘Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead! at the protest

The More prominent London Specialist had too brought in security officers to oversee the crowds.
Baroness Thatcher’s memorial service is to be held on Wednesday what’s more, police are propping for conceivable inconvenience along the parade course in focal London.

Some in the swarm recently said they did not need to celebrate her death, yet needed to stamp their restriction to what she stood for.
A reveler moved while wearing a veil of the previous Prime Serve amid the dissent in Trafalgar Square

Thousands of dissidents assembled in Trafalgar Square, agreeing to reports, in spite of the wet weather
Andy Withers, 49, said: ‘I’m not here to celebrate Thatcher’s demise – yet what’s going on today around evening time is part of the heritage she created.’
Boris Johnson had cautioned that police would be prepared to handle agitators ‘celebrating’ the demise of Margaret Thatcher.

The Leader of London said troublemakers who broke the law ‘will be appropriately managed with’ what’s more, addressed why they would cheer the passing of an 87-year-old woman.

Protesters accumulated in Trafalgar Square yesterday, the scene of the infamous Survey Charge riots in 1990

Old what’s more, youthful turned out last night to check the previous prime minister’s passing in a ‘celebration’ that was numerous a long time in the planning
Thousands were set to celebrate the Press Lady’s passing at up to 25 areas over the UK, with the greatest one arranged for Trafalgar Square.

It was the scene of the infamous Survey Charge riots in 1990, just some time recently Woman Thatcher cleared out power.
The Gatekeeper detailed the police had brought in additional officers after the swarm developed to around 3,000. Clashing reports said the swarm had been made up of ‘hundreds’ of protesters.

Reports recommended the numbers had begun to wane as the rain proceeded to fall on the protesters

Police have portrayed the occasion so far as ‘fairly peaceful’

Later reports on Sky News nonetheless too recommended the numbers begun to lessen as the rain proceeded to fall on the protesters.
Hundreds of anti-cuts activists too propelled a new battle of common insubordination in challenge at the Government’s questionable welfare changes.
Representatives of the National Union of Mineworkers voyage to London to join the protest
Direct activity gathering UK Uncut said it would hold occasions in focal London, Birmingham, Manchester what’s more, Chelmsford recently to bring the affect of the cuts home to ‘millionaire misery-makers’.
Around 200 individuals accumulated outside the home of Aristocrat David Freud, serve for welfare reform, to dissent against the room charge what’s more, benefits cap.
A Metropolitan Police representative said five captures had been made at the protests. Three individuals were captured for being tanked what’s more, untidy while t

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