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Published: 21:30 BST, 13 April 2012 | Updated: 22:02 BST, 13 April 2012
When three support laborers were cleared out sticking for their lives after a platform crumpled outside the 15th floor of a high-rise building groups of both fire fighters what’s more, policemen hurried to save them.
When the cops what’s more, firefighters arrived at the scene what’s more, saw the men hazardously dangling from the platform the crisis groups had extraordinary thoughts of how to spare the men.
One police officer from the Crisis Benefit Unit, James Coll, quickly surged to the 20th floor what’s more, utilized rope to brought down himself down the outside of the 200 East 66th Road building to the scared laborers below.

Dangerously dangling: Police what’s more, fire fighters effectively protected three laborers dangling off platform from the 15th floor of a high rise in Manhattan
Rescue mission: A police officer scaled down the building to reach the laborers while fire fighters picked to pull them in from a window instead
Meanwhile the fire fighters arranged to come to the men from a window what’s more, went to the 17th floor, where they were constrained to break into an apartment.

Before Coll could offer assistance the men the firefighters were capable to pull the laborers to wellbeing through the window what’s more, at that point made a difference bring in the police officer too.
High-rise: The three upkeep laborers were pulled through a 17th floor window of the 200 East 66th Road after their platform collapsed
Although the operation was conveyed off with as it were one of the upkeep laborers enduring minor injuries, it cleared out the fire fighters what’s more, police in a verbal spat about their extraordinary approaches to the save mission.

FDNY Regiment Boss Michael Massucci grumbled that Coll what’s more, his police partners included to the threat by scaling down the building.

‘I didn’t see the require for him to put himself in harm’s way,’ Massucci said of Coll. ‘They [the workers] were wearing harnesses. The risk is not as severe.’
Massucci told the New York Post that the Fire Division ought to have been cleared out in charge of the save mission. ‘The city convention is that FDNY has all life, security what’s more, safeguard operations,’ he said.
But Coll is resolute that his was the right course of action. He told the New York Post that the ESU had ‘some of the best preparing what’s more, the best hardware to do this.’
One laborer was taken to the Cornell Restorative Focus with minor injuries. Structures Division authorities are exploring regardless of whether one of the engines on the platform halted working.
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