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Published: 22:21 BST, 19 February 2013 | Updated: 22:21 BST, 19 February 2013

New York’s CBS 2 News grapple Loot Morrison purportedly ‘threatened he would murder his wife’ after police  charged him with stifling his individual columnist companion at the couple’s Connecticut home, it was uncovered today.
Morrison said he would kill his wife, Ashley Morrison, once he was discharged from police custody, Darien Police Office Patrick Clohessy said in the court papers documented today at Morrison’s hearing at Stamford Incomparable Court.
The court hearing came as new reports professedly appear a history of household brutality with Morrison being captured in 2009 what’s more, police over and again being called to their home.

In court: CBS 2 grapple Loot Morrison professedly debilitated to slaughter his spouse amid a awful battle at their Connecticut home, a guarantee he denies

Morrison denied striking his wife, Ashley Morrison, while talking to the media in no time some time recently the hearing, where a judge requested him to remain 100 yards from his wife.

‘I did not stifle my wife. I have never laid my hands on my wife,’ he said. ‘I was just as amazed by that specific charge as likely was everybody else whose heard about this story.’
‘I cherish my spouse more than anything. The past ten a long time she has been the most vital individual in my life. She’s made a difference me through a few truly troublesome times personally,’ he added.

Denial: Morrison denies assertions that he ambushed his petite spouse Ashley, pictured
He did apologize to the Darien police who responded, the New York Post reported.
‘I did not appear them the regard they deserved. They were there to do a job, they’re a fine department, they do a great work securing the town in which I live what’s more, I truly apologize to them,’ he said.

The nearby news stay did not enter a supplication at the hearing at Stamford Incomparable Court some time recently Judge Kenneth Povodator, the Darien News reported.

Povodator said Morrison can’t come inside 100 yards of his spouse but at work, where both work at CBS.

Violence? Sources say Loot Morrison’s wife, Ashley, gave him the dying nose what’s more, swollen lip seen in this mug shot
This weekend’s episode allegedly was not Morrison’s to start with run-in with police over local problems.
He was captured in 2009 on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for professedly attacking his wife, the Post said.
And police were called to his eight times between 2003 what’s more, 2009, the New York Day by day News said.

In four of those cases, Ashley told police her spouse had been drinking. One time. she said he was observing web porn some time recently they got into a fight.
Disgraced ex-CBS News grapple Loot Morrison has concurred to a supplication bargain that implies he can evade imprison for professedly choking his wife, Ashley Morrison. The couple have supposedly been seen spending time together again
Over the weekend, police captured Morrison after Ashley’s mother called to report a household episode at the couple’s Empty Tree Edge home at 1:30 a.m. Sunday.
‘Upon arrival, it was found out that Morrison had been getting to be progressively antagonistic toward his spouse amid the course of the evening, finishing in his stifling her by the neck with both hands,’ read a Darien police press release.
‘Officers did watch red marks on the victim’s neck steady with this allegation.’
As Morrison was being handled he ‘made verbal dangers to do his spouse extra harm, which were caught by the capturing officers,’ police said.

Ashley Morrison did not ask medicinal attention.

He was charged with lawful offense strangulation in the second degree, crime debilitating in the second degree, what’s more, jumbled conduct.
He posted $100,000 bond what’s more, is due back in court on Walk 26.

Friends of the stays called their relationship ‘fine’ what’s more, were stunned by the stifling allegations, calling them ‘bizarre’
Ashley’s mother, Martha Hazard said Morrison has been manhandling her little girl for a decade what’s more, Ashley is anxious to clear out him.
‘This doesn’t stun me. This has gone on for 10 years. I’m angry, so angry.’
Attacked? Police say Loot Morrison stifled Ashley Morrison, who stays the CBS program Cash Watch, pictured. She has since returned to work
On Monday the couple discharged a joint articulation expelling the assertions as ‘greatly exaggerated.’
Morrison, 44, grapples CBS 3 News ‘This Morning’ what’s more, ‘News at Noon.’

Previously he worked at NBC 4, what’s more, is a previous Marine. Between working for the two stations he composed a blog for the Huffington Post called ‘Daddy Diaries: Admissions of a Stay-at-Home Anchorman.’
As a remote correspondent, he detailed from Iraq, Afghanistan, what’s more, Haiti.
Ashley Morrison stays CBS MoneyWatch. 
Though the couple is making light of the incident, a mug shot posted by the Darien Times portrays Morrison with blood running down his nose what’s more, a bruised, swelling lip.

Quoting a source close to the incident, the Every day News reports those wounds were given to him by Ashley amid their quarrel.

Disgraced: Loot Morrison cleared out his WCBS post following the allegations
He did not show up on the news Monday.

However another relative talking as it were on condition of obscurity said the couple’s relationship was ‘fine’ what’s more, called the stifling claims ‘bizarre.’
A explanation from Morrison’s attorney, Robert Skovgaard, too said the episode was being blown out of proportion.
‘Rob what’s more, Ashley Morrison are participating completely with the experts to protect that all of the data important to appropriately assess this grievous episode is made available,’ Skovgaard wrote.
‘The Morrisons are certain that a full audit of this matter will appear that the charges have been enormously exaggerated. While this matter is being addressed, Loot what’s more, Ashley trust that their family’s security will be respected.’
A CBS 2 representative declined comment, saying the case was a ‘personal matter.’

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