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Published: 22:27 BST, 6 November 2012 | Updated: 03:51 BST, 7 November 2012

Presidential races compel Americans to think about the country as a entirety what’s more, consider large, worldwide questions like ‘Where is the country headed?’
But, the act is voting is an work out in living local. Each four years, hundreds of voters assemble in close-by school gymnasiums, town halls, fire stations what’s more, houses of worship to cast their ballots.

Not all surveying destinations are such centrally-located open spaces. One picture taker has caught a few the nation’s most unusual places voters must gather. 
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Slot machines what’s more, voting machine: This surveying put shows up to be in a little gambling club in Las Vegas, Nevada

Bizarre: Region 22020 in Corona, California, shows up to be in a jumbled private garage

Lonely: This voting machine, in region Area 22016, Corona, is set up at a corner in a diner
In Las Vegas, Nevada, voters assembled at a casino, where a push of opening machines stood just feet from the push of voting machines.

In Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a tire store housed the nearby surveying site.

One Philadelphia region involves a rocking the bowling alley alley.

Photographer Michael Mergen caught the pictures as part of a venture to record a few of the wackiest surveying destinations in the nation.

Private: This kitchen contains Region 207 in Meridian, Oklahoma

Natural light: A nursery is home to one surveying site in Providence, Rhode Island

This shows up to be a general store in Las Vegas with divider shows made from cases of soda
The photography educator at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, got the thought for the venture while he was shooting pictures amid the 2004 presidential race what’s more, found a surveying put inside a barbershop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Mr Mergen says he is intrigued in the Catch 22 of subjects performing public, city obligation in a private put — as a rule a business.
In one instance, though, the picture taker shows up to have caught a voting corner set up in someone’s kitchen in Meridian, Oklahoma.

An maturing video diversion arcade in Carthage, Tennessee, houses two voting machines

This is a nation club in White Lake, Michigan, which serves as the race precinct

Some inhabitants of Reno, Nevada, must go to a alcohol store to vote
A laundromat is the surveying put for a few voters in Chicago
‘I think for the businesses, it’s a blend of selflessness what’s more, city pride,’ he told ‘If you stop to vote yet happen to walk out with a case of Gatorade, I’m beyond any doubt that’s fine by the store.’
Months of work went into catching the peculiar surveying sites.

Mr Mergen assembled long records of surveying destinations from state decisions sheets what’s more, worked to winnow out the most unusual examples.

He at that point plotted the records of destinations on a outline what’s more, composed a lengthy, yet proficient street trip — hitting as numerous places as he could in a short sum of time.
Voters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, turn out to a tire store to vote

Voting machines at this Las Vegas region sit next to the lifts in as shopping mall

Ward 40 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is inside a skating rink
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