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Updated: 13:12 BST, 24 December 2010
Cruelty charge: Chris Caswell, 30, is blamed of gulping a goldfish in a pet shop to awe his friends
A man professedly gulped a tropical angle entirety to awe his companions minutes after purchasing it from a pet shop – what’s more, the video was posted on Facebook.
Chris Caswell evidently inquired staff to put the £1.99 guppy angle in a tumbler of water some time recently drinking it.
Off-screen, somebody can be heard yelling ‘goldfish down the hatch’ as it disappears.

The 30-year-old, who denies causing pointless enduring to the fish, faces a magistrates’ court trial next year.
The RSPCA said Caswell entered a the Petals what’s more, Pets shop in Newton Aycliffe, Province Durham, what’s more, paid for the angle some time recently gulping it whole.
Experts will presently be counseled to look at how much enduring a angle would have persevered in the event that it was swallowed.

The asserted episode was caught on video, despite the fact that it is caught on Caswell has addressed how indisputable the pictures are as evidence.
The shop aide shows up to get the angle in the tumbler some time recently giving it over to the man in the video.

Caswell is addressing the prosecution’s assert that the episode happened in April this year.
The 30-year-old, from West Auckland Road, Darlington, Province Durham, too denies a charge of coming up short to give it with a safe environment.
All in one: Suspect purportedly inquired staff to put the £1.99 goldfish in a tumbler some time recently gulping it in front of them
He showed up at Darlington Magistrates’ Court recently to affirm his his name what’s more, address what’s more, to deny the charges.
His one-day trial was booked for Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court in March.
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