Wheelchair-bound pensioner ‘caught on CCTV stealing mechanical elf from garden centre’

By Day by day Mail Correspondent
Updated: 21:58 BST, 15 December 2011
An elderly wheelchair-bound lady what’s more, two female assistants are being pursued by police over the robbery of a Christmas mythical being named ‘Chippy’ from a plant centre.
The two-foot-high, fortunate mascot with an emerald green furnish what’s more, rosy-cheeked smile, was part of a ‘Santa’s grotto’ show at Woodcote Green Plant Focus in Wallington, south London.
The ‘elf-nappers’, gotten in the act on CCTV, cleared out the plant centre’s boss shocked that ‘anyone would stoop so low.’

Christmas shopping? The gathering enter the plant store some time recently afterward making off with the prized elf
Caught in the act: One of the lady steps over the show some time recently Chippy’s disappearance
The centre’s supervisor Phil Barnden is advertising a £200 remunerate for the safe return of his prized elf.
Mr Barnden said: ‘I didn’t think anybody would stoop so low. You’d think certain things are sacrosanct what’s more, would not be stolen. We are extremely disturb about it what’s more, need Chippy back.
‘Chippy was a extremely inviting elf, loved by nearby youngsters who visit the centre. 

‘The most frustrating thing is that Chippy is not there to wave at all the little kids coming in. The kids are missing him.

The electric mythical being waved at youngsters what’s more, pulled in philanthropy gifts for injured warriors what’s more, schools.
Store supervisors had paid £1,000 to enlist two elves, Chippy what’s more, Rusty, to engage shoppers.
They trusted that the combine would raise over £1,000 from clients for foundations counting Offer assistance the Heroes.
But presently as it were an exhaust plinth stands next to Corroded what’s more, supervisors fear for Chippy’s welfare.
Not so cheery: Chippy (centre) was stolen by criminals from the Woodcote Green Plant Centre
Barnden added: ‘Rusty, the mythical person who stood next to him in the window, is presently all alone what’s more, looking exceptionally miserable. 
‘We have presently got an exhaust plinth where Chippy utilized to sit next to his mate Rusty. It’s like Trafalgar Square.
‘The show was about raising cash for Offer assistance for Legends what’s more, nearby schools what’s more, old people’s homes.
‘We would like to inquire the guilty parties to return him to where he belongs.’
Police are engaging to anybody who saw the criminals to contact them.
Images from the centre’s security cameras, taken at about 4.45pm on December 6, appear a lady holding the hand of a youthful youngster as she steps into the show at the plant centre’s front entrance, obviously to unplug the elf. 

A minute afterward a adolescent young lady in a black-and-white striped T-shirt arrives what’s more, strolls off with Chippy under her right arm.
Both ladies what’s more, the youngster had prior been imagined with a white-haired lady in a wheelchair.
Police said the lady who was holding the child’s hand is accepted to be 25 to 30, about 5ft 6in tall, with long dull hair in a ponytail.  She was wearing a dark tracksuit top over a striped T-shirt.
The wheelchair-user was being pushed by a adolescent in a stripy dark what’s more, white T-shirt.

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