TV comic ‘groomed’ tragic overdose teenager: 18-year-old’s mystery death after star ‘showered him with gifts then made sexual advances’

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Published: 20:13 BST, 21 Walk 2014 | Updated: 21:40 BST, 21 Walk 2014
A 2-year-old kid in Southern California has move toward becoming the most recent casualty in the on-going spread of a riddle infection most nearly equivalent to polio.
Lucian Olivera was to begin with misdiagnosed with ear contaminations what’s more, fevers what’s more, at that point three days after being let out following their third crisis room visit, something changed.
‘He let out this scream- it sounded like I was expelling toenails. It was the most exceedingly bad shout I’ve ever heard,’ Lucian’s mother Erin Olivera said.

Crawling towards answers: Specialists still do not know what caused the infection yet are certain that it is not contagious

Stilted: Lucian’s cleared out side halted moving in conjunction with his contemplations in spite of the fact that he keeps dynamic what’s more, depends on his right side to make up for his need of quality on the other side

His father taken note a distinction as well, saying that ‘he dropped to one side’.
‘I felt helpless. It was greatly frustrating. It was hard to sit what’s more, not be capable to offer assistance him,’ Mrs Olivera told CBS Los Angeles of the weeks of not-knowing.
Doctors at Stanford College did what other specialists could not decide in a month of testing: they finished up that he had a puzzle contamination that is presently being called California polio-like syndrome.
There have been 20 cases of the bewildering sickness all through the state, with blended reports of regardless of whether Lucian is the to begin with or, then again 6th case revealed in Southern California.
Working towards the future: Presently that he has been diagnosed, Lucian is being treated with physical therapy

Small victories: His specialists never accept that he will be capable to walk on his claim yet they trust that on the off chance that he moves toward becoming solid enough, he may as it were have to depend on a stick Or maybe than a walker

First signs of problems: Lucian was taken to the ER in June 2012 (pictured) what’s more, specialists at first thought it was a ear disease what’s more, coming about fever yet that was afterward dismissed

The loss of motion in Lucian’s cleared out leg is anticipated to be permanent, yet he is right now experiencing physical treatment in an exertion to reinforce the muscles both so they don’t decay what’s more, so that he will one day be capable to walk with just a stick as restricted to a walker.
The cause of the sickness remains obscure yet doctors, counting those who are treating Lucian at Simi Valley Clinic in Los Angeles, are certain that it is not contagious.
‘We are at no way at an scourge level what’s more, there does not show up to be concern that this is quickly spreading through the community,’ Dr Dingilian told ABC.
Happy: His cheerful manner has not vanished what’s more, that gives his guardians hope
Heartbreaking: Mrs Olivera says that she has minutes of trouble be that as it may her child keeps them going

Helpless: Erin what’s more, Israel Olivera said that while they were quickly upbeat that they had a diagnosis, that satisfaction rapidly died down at the point when they thought of what it meant

Mrs Olivera said that while the determination did bring a few relief, she still bargains with the pain of knowing what her so will be confronting for the rest of his life. His splendid air makes a difference keep those contemplations at bay, however.
‘You’ll see him attempting his hardest with the stick what’s more, that assurance makes me keep going forward,’ she said.
‘He’ll just go: “Mama, I cherish you more than a camel” what’s more, you just melt.’

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