Inside the mind of a mass killer: Intense paranoia drives killers not a detached sense of reality, study finds

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Published: 20:32 BST, 14 July 2013 | Updated: 05:54 BST, 15 July 2013
Barack Obama issued a articulation today on the George Zimmerman not-guilty decision saying that the deadly shooting of Trayvon Martin was a catastrophe yet a ‘jury has spoken’.

The President portrayed the teenager’s shooting demise in Florida last year as a ‘tragedy for America’ while utilizing the opportunity to recharge his calls for more tightly weapon enactment over the U.S.

Obama said: ‘The demise of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. Not just for his family, or, then again for any one community, be that as it may for America. I know this case has evoked solid passions.

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Speaking out: President Obama, imagined on July 2, made a articulation today following the not-guilty decision in the demise of Trayvon Martin

Strong reactions: A nonconformist sets an American hail on fire in downtown Oakland on Saturday night following the Zimmerman verdict

‘And in the wake of the verdict, I know those interests may be running indeed higher. Yet we are a country of laws what’s more, a jury has spoken.
‘I presently inquire each American to regard the call for quiet reflection from two guardians who lost their youthful son.
‘And as we do, we ought to inquire ourselves on the off chance that we’re doing all we can to augment the circle of empathy what’s more, understanding in our claim communities.

‘We ought to inquire ourselves on the off chance that we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of weapon viciousness that claims as well numerous lives over this nation on a every day basis.
We ought to inquire ourselves, as people what’s more, as a society, how we can anticipate future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a work for all of us. That’s the way to respect Trayvon Martin.’
George Zimmerman was found not blameworthy of second-degree kill in the deadly shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed dark teenager.

Before a unique prosecutor allocated to the case requested Zimmerman’s capture last year, thousands of nonconformists had assembled in Sanford, Miami, New York what’s more, elsewhere, numerous wearing hoodies like the one Martin had on the night he died.

They too conveyed Skittles what’s more, a can of frosted tea, things Martin had in his pocket.

President Obama too had weighed in at the time, saying that in the event that he had a son, ‘he’d look like Trayvon’.
Victim: George Zimmerman was blamed of killing the unarmed dark adolescent Trayvon Martin after following him with a weapon last year

‘The jury has spoken’: President Obama asked for quiet reflection after George Zimmerman was found not liable on Saturday

Zimmerman, a 29-year-old Hispanic, looked noticeably diminished at the Seminole court on Saturday evening after the jury of six ladies come to their conclusion that he had legitimately murdered the unarmed dark 17-year-old last February.

Martin’s slaughtering in February 2012 in Florida released face off regarding over the U.S. over racial profiling, self-defense what’s more, square with justice.
Protesters across the nation lashed out against police in the Orlando suburb of Sanford after it took 44 days for Zimmerman to be arrested.
Many, counting Martin’s parents, said Zimmerman had racially profiled the unarmed dark teen. Zimmerman recognizes as Hispanic.
Demonstrations, from Florida where the trial took put to Atlanta, DC what’s more, New York, remained to a great extent tranquil last night- despite the fact that pockets of viciousness had emitted in Oakland, California.
Oakland, long a hotbed of racial tension, a few protestors turned brutal – vandalizing police cars, breaking windows what’s more, setting fire to junk cans.
Peaceful actions: Numerous church-goers on Sunday secured their heads as a emblematic update of the hoodie Trayvon Martin was wearing on the night he was shot in Florida last year

Speaking out: Aesha Felton (center), Roberta Felton(L) what’s more, Milton Felton, cousins of Trayvon Martin, talk to the media outside the Antioch Minister Baptist Church in Miami Gardens, Florida

Stand-up: Jebiah Jones, 3, holds a sign as her mother Keiota Jones, stands behind her amid a dissent in Atlanta

One photograph from the dissents in the city appears men soaking a signal in lighter liquid what’s more, setting it alight.

More shows are arranged today under the flag of ‘Justice 4 Trayvon.’ At slightest three discrete challenges are booked for New York City alone – one in lower Manhattan, one in Harlem an a third in Brooklyn.
Churches too made note of the decision on Sunday morning, with numerous pioneers talking about the case what’s more, encouraging peace in the aftermath.

Some gatherers wore hooded sweatshirts, as Martin had at the point when he died, or, on the other hand shirts with the teen’s picture.
Further dissents had been booked for Sunday as police what’s more, Martin’s guardians themselves claimed for peace.
Symbol of protest: A demonstrator wears a hoodie amid a challenge the day after Zimmerman was found not blameworthy in the 2012 shooting death

Angry in each corner of America: Hurl Steerages holds a sign amid a show at Union Square in New York on July 14

Distress: A mother who was tuning in to the end of the Zimmerman trial with her kids sobs at the jury’s decision
Outrage: A dissident sets an American signal on fire in Oakland as dissents took put over the U.S.

Challenging the system: Dissidents hold an picture of Trayvon Martin while walking in the Leimert Stop range of Los Angeles, California
Keeping faith: Whitney Tillman, right, what’s more, Precious stone Haynes wear shirts in bolster of Trayvon Martin amid the sermon at the St Paul Minister Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida on Sunday
Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin what’s more, Sybrina Fulton, were not in court to hear the decision on Saturday. They afterward took to Twitter to recognize their profound frustration at the verdict.
A tweet from his father read: ‘God favored Me & Sybrina with Plate what’s more, indeed in his passing I know my child glad of the Battle we along with all of you put up for him GOD BLESS.’
Florida police had tensely arranged for the decision on Sunday after a few on Twitter depicted Trayvon as a ‘dead man walking’.

However in spite of a few unrest, Sunday saw for the most part tranquil demonstrations. In Florida, 200 nonconformists frustrated with the decision in the Zimmerman trial walked early in downtown Tallahassee.
Some in the gathering wore hoodies while others conveyed signs that said ‘Racism is Not Dead’ what’s more, ‘Who’s Next?’
Marchers trekked from the Tallahassee-Leon Region Community Focus some time recently ending on the steps of the noteworthy Old Legislative hall building.
People hold signs amid a show in New York on Sunday. The President claimed for quiet after members of the jury in Florida chosen that George Zimmerman was advocated in shooting adolescent Trayvon Martin

Emotional reactionsL A lady holding a youngster responds to the decision outside Seminole Province Court where George Zimmerman was found not guilty

Other dissents were revealed in San Francisco what’s more, Atlanta. In Miami, specialists revealed no major challenges after the decision was announced. 
After a year what’s more, a half of living as a hermit, George Zimmerman developed from the Seminole courthouse a free man, cleared of all charges.
Zimmerman’s sibling said the previous neighborhood observe volunteer was still preparing the reality that he wouldn’t serve jail time for the killing.
The 29-year-old neighborhood observe volunteer has kept up that the shooting was an act of self-defense.

Late on Saturday night, a jury found him not blameworthy of second-degree kill what’s more, declined to convict him on a lesser charge of manslaughter.
However, with numerous faultfinders irate over his acquittal, his opportunity may be limited.
‘He’s going to be looking over his bear the rest of his life,’ Robert Zimmerman Jr. said amid an meet on CNN.
Outrage: A man shouts amid a show in downtown Manhattan after the news that George Zimmerman was found not blameworthy in the 2012 shooting passing of Martin
Workers board up windows at Vegetation eatery in downtown Oakland, California early on Sunday following emissions of violence
Public feeling: Swarms assemble in Union Square, New York, to hold up for the decision in the trial
On guard: Los Angeles police assemble at the edge of a rally that started as Zimmerman was cleared of all charges
Six unknown female members of the jury considered about three weeks of frequently fiercely clashing declaration over who was the attacker on the stormy night the 17-year-old was shot while strolling through the gated townhouse group where he was remaining what’s more, where Zimmerman lived.
Jurors were sequestered amid the trial, what’s more, they pondered more than 15 hours over two days some time recently declaring late last night that they had come to a verdict.

The court did not discharge the racial what’s more, ethnic cosmetics of the jury, yet the board showed up to correspondents covering the choice to be made up of five white ladies what’s more, a 6th who may be Hispanic.
In Eminent 2012, protection lawyer Stamp O’Mara said Zimmerman what’s more, his wife, Shellie, had been living like recluses what’s more, weren’t working since they dreaded for their safety.
After Saturday’s verdict, police, authorities what’s more, common rights pioneers asked peace what’s more, told dissidents not to resort to violence. While barrier lawyers said they were excited with the outcome, O’Mara recommended Zimmerman’s wellbeing would be an continuous concern.
‘There still is a periphery component that needs revenge,’ O’Mara said. ‘They won’t tune in to a decision of not guilty.’
Those observing responded emphatically at the point when the decision was announced. Supporters of his family who had assembled outside yelled: ‘No! No!’ upon learning of the verdict.
Peaceful protests: A lady holds a sign amid a show in lower Manhattan on Sunday

Widespread demonstrations: An NYPD officer observes over a show at Union Square

Andrew Perkins, 55, a dark inhabitant of Sanford, indignantly inquired outside the courthouse: ‘How the for hell’s sake did they find him not guilty?’
‘He murdered some individual what’s more, got away with murder,’ Perkins shouted, so irate he shook, looking toward the courthouse.
Trayvon Martin’s brother, Jahvaris Fulton, said on Twitter: ‘Et tu America?’ a reference to the Latin state ‘Et tu, Brute?’ utilized in Shakespeare play Julius Caesar – what’s more, known as an articulation of betrayal.
Authorities said in California media reports that a few marchers in Oakland vandalized a police squad auto what’s more, police shaped a line to square a few demonstrators there. Television news helicopter film appeared a few individuals attempting to begin fires in the road what’s more, splash painting anti-police graffiti.

The show taken after a boisterous yet to a great extent quiet dissent in San Francisco what’s more, another in Los Angeles. An Oakland police dispatch said about 100 individuals challenged there yet gave no word of any arrests.
Celebrities too reacted. Beyonce called at a Nashville show for a minute of hush for Martin. Rapper Youthful Jeezy discharged a tune in Martin’s memory what’s more, Russell Simmons called for peace.
NAACP President Benjamin Todd Envious begun a request calling for the Equity Division to open a common rights case against Zimmerman.
‘The most basic of common rights the right to life was damaged the night George Zimmerman stalked what’s more, at that point took the life of Trayvon Martin,’ Desirous composed in the petition, posted on the website what’s more, tended to to Lawy

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