Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

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Published: 22:04 BST, 12 June 2012 | Updated: 23:31 BST, 12 June 2012

A U.S. judge condemned the sweetheart of rumored crowd supervisor James ‘Whitey’ Bulger to eight a long time in jail on Tuesday for her part in making a difference him sidestep capture for 16 years.

District Judge Douglas Woodlock too forced on Catherine Greig a $150,000 fine what’s more, requested her to serve three a long time of managed discharge once she is out of prison.

Rather than confront trial Greig, 61, argued blameworthy in Walk to charges of intrigue to harbor a fugitive, scheme to submit personality fraud, what’s more, personality fraud. Prosecutors had looked for 10 a long time in jail while her lawyer had prescribed 27 months.

Jailed: This undated document photograph given by the U.S. Marshals Benefit appears Catherine Greig, the long-term sweetheart of Whitey Bulger caught with Bulger June 22, 2011, in Santa clause Monica, California
Caught: A man taking after outlaw Boston Irish mobster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, 78, what’s more, a lady taking after his sweetheart Catherine Greig, 56, are seen in this picture taken in Italy April 10, 2007
Woodlock told Greig that she had to take duty for her claim decisions made over the numerous a long time that Bulger was on the FBI’s Ten Most Needed list.

‘We are all mindful for what we do … we all make choices,’ Woodlock said.

Greig, in blue jail jumpsuit, quickly gestured at her twin sister, Margaret McCusker, some time recently being driven out of the stuffed court in downtown Boston. Outside the courtroom, McCusker said just that she ‘loves her sister.’

She appeared no feeling at the point when Woodlock given down the sentence after tuning in to passionate supplications from relatives of those Bulger is charged of killing. Bulger, the 82-year-old previous pioneer of the infamous Winter Slope Gang.

Earlier, Woodlock had shown he was inclining toward a nearly long sentence for Greig since of her dynamic part in making a difference Bulger, who is blamed of 19 murders from the 1970s what’s more, 1980s, cover up from authorities
‘The respondent was included in more than simply giving shield to Mr. Bulger, she given a assortment of things, what’s more, locked in in criminal activity,’ Woodlock said.

Rejoicing: Victims’ family members, Steve Davis, left, what’s more, Tommy Donahue catch hands as they respond outside government court in Boston on Tuesday, June 12, 2012, after Catherine Greig, who spent 16 a long time on the run with previous Boston mobster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, was condemned to eight a long time in prison
Triumphant: U.S. Lawyer Carmen Ortiz talks to correspondents as FBI Extraordinary Specialist Richard DesLauriers, raise left, observes outside government court in Boston on Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Judgement: This court draw delineates Catherine Greig, second from right, amid a hearing some time recently Judge Judge Jennifer Boal, right, in a government court in Boston Monday, July 11, 2011
Greig what’s more, Bulger, 82, were captured on June 22, 2011, in an loft fort in Santa clause Monica, California, squares from the Pacific Ocean, where they had lived under a number of counterfeit what’s more, stolen personalities for most of their a long time on the run.

Pictured: An undated FBI freebee photograph discharged Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1998, appearing rumored Boston mobster what’s more, criminal James Bulger
A reserve of a few 30 weapons as well as more than $800,000 in money was covered up in a gap in the wall. Much of the pre-sentencing face off regarding focused on Greig’s information of, what’s more, access, to, the guns.

Greig’s lawyer, Kevin Reddington, encouraged the judge to force a sentence of a little over two years, contending that Greig was in cherish with Bulger at the point when she fled Boston with him in 1995.
‘Catherine Greig fell in cherish with Mr. Bulger, what’s more, that’s why she was in the circumstance she was in,’ Reddington said. ‘Miss Greig did not accept that Mr. Bulger was fit of these homicides.’
But prosecutors expelled her callings of adore what’s more, said Greig had various openings to take off Bulger amid their time on the run.
‘This was not a sentimental saga,’ U.S. Lawyer Carmen Ortiz said. ‘She made a difference what’s more, ensured what’s more, hidden a fugitive.’
Before sentencing, the court heard enthusiastic declaration from the families of a few of Bulger’s asserted victims.

‘She was not held against her will … She was a willing supporter what’s more, co-conspirator of Whitey Bulger,’ said Steve Davis, whose 26-year-old sister, Debra, was one of Bulger’s asserted victims. ‘She doesn’t indeed have the heart to look any of us in the eye.’
Tim Connors, whose father Edward was professedly shot by Bulger in 1975, said Greig was ‘a cold-hearted criminal (who) never appeared any sensitivity toward any of us.’
Campaign: This picture from video given by the FBI appears James ‘Whitey’ Bulger what’s more, his long time sweetheart Catherine Greig appeared amid a attention battle to find the outlaw mobster
Handout: Rumored mobster James J. Bulger shows up in two Government Agency of Examination freebee photographs. The cleared out photograph was taken in 1991, while the right was taken in 1994
Wanted man: The photographs cleared out what’s more, focus are FBI freebee photographs of outlaw Massachusetts mobster Bulger, taken in the 1980s what’s more, his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, right, who ventures with the previous gangster
‘You’re as much a criminal as Whitey what’s more, ought to be treated as such,’ he said.
Patricia Donahue, the dowager of Michael Donahue, a truck driver who prosecutors say was slaughtered by Bulger in 1982, said she accepts Greig is mindful for Bulger being capable to remain a criminal for so long.
‘I accept he never would have survived all those a long time without her help,’ she said.
Greig did not jump at their words, what’s more, did not turn to look at the families. She too declined to address the court.

Greig’s legal advisor had claimed for leniency, inquiring the judge to give her 27 months in prison. After the sentencing, Reddington told correspondents that Greig has no laments about what she did.
‘He’s the cherish of her life what’s more, she stands by him … of course she doesn’t lament it,’ Reddington said.
Greig, a previous dental hygienist what’s more, canine groomer, confronted a most extreme of 15 a long time – five a long time on each of the three charges.
She had been with Bulger for more than three decades, to begin with as a mystery sweetheart he kept on the side while he lived with another woman, at that point as the dedicated lady who cleared out behind her life in Massachusetts so she could go on the run with him.
FBI: Pictures of Catherine Greig, counting a few that are age improved what’s more, retouched, are seen in this June 23, 2011 screen get taken from the FBI’s Needed website

Captured: Steven Martinez, (C) FBI colleague executive in charge in Los Angeles, Douglas Price, (L) FBI Aide Unique Operator in Charge, what’s more, LAPD Appointee Chief, David Doan, Boss of Detectives, amid a news gathering to talk about the capture of Boston wrongdoing supervisor James Bulger what’s more, his partner Catherine Greig at the Los Angeles Government Building on June 23, 2011 in Los Angeles, California
Greig’s request bargain with prosecutors doesn’t require her to participate in the case against Bulger. After she was sentenced, Ortiz said prosecutors aren’t attempting to constrain her to affirm against him.
‘That’s not something we’re seeking,’ Ortiz said. ‘We prosecuted what’s more, we’re prepared to indict without her help.’
In her supplication agreement, Greig conceded that she utilized aliases, unlawfully gotten distinguishing proof reports what’s more, over and again made a difference Bulger get solution medicine from a drug store by imagining to be his wife.
Greig what’s more, Bulger voyage widely amid their to begin with year on the run – to Chicago, New York City, Fabulous Isle, La., what’s more, other places – yet at that point settled in a two-bedroom leased loft in Santa clause Monica.
Last June, Bulger what’s more, Greig were secured just days after the FBI started a new exposure battle centering on Greig.

Bulger has argued not liable to charges connected to 19 murders in the 1970s what’s more, 1980s, at the point when prosecutors say he ran the for the most part Irish-American gang.

The denounced swarm manager fled Boston in 1994 after getting a tip from a degenerate FBI operator that specialists were shutting in on him. Greig joined Bulger a maybe a couple weeks later.

Bulger’s trial is booked to begin on November 5 in spite of the fact that his legal counselors have said they require more time to filter through hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence.

Bulger’s case enlivened Martin Scorsese’s 2006 Foundation Award-winning film ‘The Departed.’

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