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Published: 22:21 BST, 15 April 2012 | Updated: 22:21 BST, 15 April 2012

A man’s body has been recouped from a stream after vanishing amid a military-style impediment course that challenges members through water what’s more, mud.

The Unique Mud Run member Tony Weathers, 30, was revealed missing Saturday night by companions following the obstacle-riddled course in Stronghold Worth, Texas.

A look for the man continued Sunday morning, finding his body in the Trinity Waterway after slipping what’s more, being pulled under, Fortification Worth Fire Division representative Timothy Hardeman told CBS DFW.
Tragedy: The body of a member in Texas’ yearly military-style Unique Mud Run has been found after slipping in a stream amid the course (event pictured)
‘Currently we are making ourselves accessible to help the family in any way we can with their grief,’ a Mud Run representative said in an email to CBS.

‘Safety is foremost in our occasions what’s more, we are significantly disheartened by the misfortune of one of our participants.’

His correct cause of demise has not been released.

The yearly course, finishing its 15th year, depicts itself as showing two courses: the 3.1 mile course with 18 to 20 hindrances or, then again the 6.2 mile with 25 to 30.
River: The 30-year-old man slipped while crossing the Trinity Stream what’s more, was pulled under some time recently found Sunday, a fire office representative reported
Course: Members in the course cross through water what’s more, mud while various impediments are displayed to them on two courses of contrasting lengths
Throughout both courses are recreated mines, a rope swing, as well as logs what’s more, a mud pit to cross.
One of the highlights Saturday was too crossing the Trinity River.

‘Although none of the hindrances are outlandish or, on the other hand dangerous, they do require a certain level of quality what’s more, wellness what’s more, the potential exists for damage due to falls, trips what’s more, crawling,’ the program’s website states.

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