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Published: 22:47 BST, 11 June 2013 | Updated: 08:27 BST, 12 June 2013
It looks like an substitute universe: Strangely long lines outside the men’s restroom while there’s not a single individual holding up for the women’s.
But while the picture of men anxiously jumping from one foot to the other may make ladies over the country laugh – it too uncovers an issue that is no giggling matter.

The picture was taken at the Around the world Engineers Meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday by CNET supervisor Dan Ackerman, who inscribed it: ‘WWDC clarified in one photo.’
The picture features how male-dominated the innovation industry remains – what’s more, is just one of numerous comparative photographs taken at later device conferences.
Long wait: An picture of the Around the world Engineers Meeting appears a line outside the men’s restrooms be that as it may none outside the women’s. ‘WWDC clarified in one photo,’ the picture taker writes
Not there yet: Another picture looks at the strange line for men to the non-existent ladies’ line
Other pictures appear broad lines extending from restrooms at the 2013 Buyer Gadgets Show, the 2012 Google Distributers Gathering what’s more, the 2009 Huge Omaha meeting for business visionaries what’s more, investors.
The issue is so well-known inside the industry that there is a Twitter account, @WomenInLine, which exists to advance ladies in tech – ‘so we can accomplish the extreme objective of having to hold up in line at a programming meeting ladies’ room’.

Gauge: Tweets at the meeting say the long line – yet assert there are presently more women
A New York Times article noted that ladies claim 40 per penny of the private organizations in the U.S. be that as it may make as it were 8 per penny of the venture-backed tech start-ups, agreeing to Astia, a not-for-profit gathering that exhorts female entrepreneurs.
Women too account for as it were 6 per penny of the boss officials of the top 100 tech companies, what’s more, 22 per penny of the programming engineers at tech companies, concurring to the National Focus for Ladies what’s more, Data Technology.
Among wander capitalists, who control the funds for a dominant part of tech start-ups, just 14 per penny are women, the National Wander Capital Affiliation noted.

Where are the women? Another picture taken at this year’s Google I/O uncovers the same trend

Divide: Kelly Clay, a Forbes tech columnist, snapped this one at the 2013 Customer Gadgets Show
At WWDC today, a few participants noted that the sexual orientation partition shows up to be making strides – since of the restroom line.
‘You can tell the sexual orientation balance at WWDC is getting better becayse there is a line for the woman’s bathroom,’ Gus Mueller tweeted.
But Powder Lindquist added: ‘Perks of being a female developer… No line for the women’s bathroom.’

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