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Published: 23:35 BST, 10 October 2012 | Updated: 23:41 BST, 10 October 2012
When NY Planes proprietor Woody Johnson showed up on CNBC’s Screech Box this morning he might’ve anticipated extreme questions on running a football group – what he got was an cross examination about Tim Tebow’s virginity.
‘Do you know…..is he still a virgin?’ have Richard LeFrak asked.

Another have quickly taken after up with: ‘Inquiring minds need to know.’

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Don’t ask: Woody Johnson told Screech Box has he didn’t talk to his quarterback about his sex life.
‘We inquire the extreme questions,’ another said.
Johnson evaded the request about his quarterback’s individual life, saying only: “We don’t truly go into that.”

In parts of the meet that didn’t center on sex, Johnson said he arranged to keep Tebow on the group for at slightest 3 a long time what’s more, that he was supporting Glove Romney for the presidency.
Saving it: Passionate Christian Tim Tebow says he’s sparing his virginity until marriage

Tebow’s sex life has been the subject of consistent media examination since the 6-foot-three, 236-pound football legend what’s more, sincere Catholic said he was sparing himself for marriage at a SEC Media Day press conference.
‘”Yes, I am,” the at that point 21-year-old football player told columnists at the point when addressed about his sex life. ‘I think you’re staggered right now. You can’t indeed inquire a question. … I was prepared for that question, yet I don’t think y’all were.”
Earlier this year, Ashley Madison, a website given to making a difference hitched individuals swindle on their spouse, advertised $1 million for confirm that Tebow was not a virgin prior this year.
Childish: Screech Box has inquire Johnson on the off chance that Tebow is keeping his Christian values
How a victor would demonstrate such a thing was not determined what’s more, the prize remains unclaimed.
When Tebow marked with the Jets, Manhattan’s Exhibition hall of Sex sent him a free lifetime membership.
‘Enclosed if you don’t mind find your lifetime enrollment card along with an review of 10 key wellbeing benefits of safe sex counting higher levels of antibodies boosting immunity, lessening of pain, better sleep, stretch diminishment what’s more, better self-esteem,” the gallery inviting letter stated. “All issues that could absolutely offer assistance you keep up a sound advantage in the up and coming Planes football season.’
And most as of late Olympic competitor Lolo Jones, 29, who’s too said she’s holding up until marriage to have sex, guaranteed she couldn’t go out with Tebow since he as of now ‘has a girlfriend.’
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