Stepdad steals 50,000 from youngster’s trust fund after mother’s death

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Updated: 17:23 BST, 6 November 2010
A man stole £50,000 from a seven-year-old boy’s trust subsidize – just months after the youngster’s mum died.
Sharon Woods made accomplice Timothy John Murphy, 54, sole agent what’s more, trustee of her child Cameron’s trust subsidize at the point when she made her last will what’s more, confirmation in September 2006.
She taught that her whole domain be cleared out to her child for at the point when he come to the age of 21.
Fraud: Seven-year-old Cameron Woods (left) was the sole recipient of his mother’s domain after her sudden death, yet her partner, Timothy John Murphy, 54 stole around £50,000 from the trust support that he was the agent of

But at the point when Sharon, who was separated from Cameron’s father Carl Woods, passed on all of a sudden due to confusions with torment alleviation medicine in November 2007, Murphy started to plunge into the subsidize what’s more, took tremendous wholes of money.
The extortion was as it were found at the point when Mr Woods, who was given guardianship of his child at the point when Sharon died, started to inquire questions about what he was doing with his ex-wife’s estate.
Murphy, of Walmsley Road, Bury, More prominent Manchester, showed up at Bolton Crown Court on Friday, what’s more, has beforehand argued blameworthy to extortion by manhandle of position.
When the con was found he went to ground what’s more, it took around 18 months some time recently Mr Woods was capable to track him down what’s more, have a summons issued on him, driving him to give the key information.
Mr Woods revealed the matter to the police what’s more, Murphy was captured in February what’s more, met under caution.
Police found he had moved £11,000 from a bank account set up for Cameron into his claim individual account.
Further examinations found more than £50,000 from the bequest of Sharon Woods unaccounted for.
He was at that point safeguarded pending further examinations amid which time he made five further withdrawals to the tune of £2,450 from the account of Cameron Woods.

‘I knew he wasn’t playing ball what’s more, he was up to something,’ said Mr Woods, 42, from Westhoughton, close Bolton.
The case was deferred for sentence on November 26.
Murphy was conceded bail. 

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