Nurse who let patient die while she sat playing computer games on night shift ‘is fit to practise’

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Updated: 17:27 BST, 15 November 2010
Computer games: Natascha Hobbs will be permitted to proceed working as a nurture in spite of a diabetic understanding biting the dust as she utilized a PC amid a shift
A nurture who fizzled to take note a understanding was dead for a few hours since she was playing on the web PC amusements has gotten away punishment.
Natascha Hobbs, 39, had been inquired to pay ‘particular attention’ to the diabetic man amid her night move since he had beforehand been hypoglycaemic.

But she as it were checked his blood sugar level once what’s more, instead sat at the nurses’ station PC all through her shift, playing the spelling perplex amusement Bookworm.
Colleagues found the man, known as Understanding A, dead in his bed at the Worcestershire Illustrious Healing center in the early hours of February 28.

His body was cool what’s more, was as of now appearing the somewhat blue blotches of livor mortis on his face, the Nursing what’s more, Maternity care Board heard.

He had been dead for ‘a number of hours’, said NMC board executive Paul Hindley.

The hearing was told the understanding ought to have been checked at minimum each one to two hours.
Hobbs argued blameworthy to the charges she faced, yet the NMC ruled she was fit to rehearse as a nurture what’s more, ought to not confront any sanction.

Mr Hindley she had beforehand had an ‘exemplary working record’, had appeared regret what’s more, had worked securely since the incident.

Her wellness to rehearse was not impaired, he said, adding: ‘There is no confirm that any of the disappointment had any association with Understanding A’s death.’

A post mortem report was inconclusive, recommending Quiet A had passed on either as a result of a heart attack, coronary vein malady or, on the other hand from diabetes mellitus – activated by to a great degree high blood sugar levels.
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Hobbs is as of now utilized by the South Warwickshire NHS Establishment Trust what’s more, is anticipating a advancement to move toward becoming a senior, band six, nurse.

She cleared out her old post voluntarily, yet a Worcestershire Intense Healing facilities NHS Trust representative said she would have been sacked following an investigation, on the off chance that a disciplinary hearing was held.

The board prior heard Hobbs had been the sole nurture capable for 15 patients on the hospital’s pro gastroenterology Avon 2 ward on the night in question.
A associate raised the caution at around 4.15am after checking on the off chance that Hobbs had been conveying out the blood sugar tests on Quiet A.

Hannah Kinch, for the NMC, said: ‘She found him dead, what’s more, he obviously had been for a few time.’

He had last been seen alive at 11.30pm by a social insurance colleague – practically five hours earlier.
Death: The understanding passed on at Worcestershire Illustrious healing center where Hobbs afterward surrendered some time recently she could be sacked
Hobbs, who had worked at the healing facility since January 2006, reflectively included a blood sugar perusing to his records the following day, guaranteeing she had tried him at 11.30pm.

She afterward conceded changing the records yet guaranteed she had conveyed out the test what’s more, was incapable to find the patient’s chart.

She too conceded falling flat to check the blood sugar of another diabetic, Quiet B, on the same night.

Ms Kinch said Hobbs had been playing PC diversions ‘for a impressive time of her shift’.

‘She was absolutely doing that at 2.30am what’s more, was in the same position at her PC at 3.30am,’ she said.

She included that Hobbs had prior disregarded a ask by another nurture for offer assistance in finding medicinal hardware for a unique patient.

Mr Hindley said: ‘The registrant ought to have been checking Understanding A at standard intervals.

‘Had she done so, she would have found out Understanding A had passed on much prior than she did.

‘This was an greatly genuine oversight on her part.

‘The registrant was particularly taught to screen Patients A what’s more, B, who were powerless what’s more, extremely inadequately patients.’

He included that it was ‘wholly inappropriate’ to play a PC diversion outside of her break time.

But the board acknowledged her clarification for including a blood sugar result reflectively what’s more, ruled that it did not sum to misconduct.

Speaking after the hearing, Helen Blanchard, chief of nursing what’s more, maternity care for Worcestershire Intense Healing facilities NHS Trust, said: ‘Natascha Hobbs was utilized as a staff nurture by the Trust between January 16, 2006 what’s more, Walk 21, 2008.

‘Following an assertion of proficient unfortunate behavior on the night of February 26, 2008, a full examination was conveyed out in understanding with the Trust’s Disciplinary Policy.

‘The exploring board finished up that, had Ms Hobbs remained in the Trust’s employment, the result of the hearing would have driven to her dismissal.

‘The wellbeing of our patients is the Trust’s top need what’s more, all charges of proficient offense are taken greatly seriously. Following the investigation, Ms Hobbs was detailed to the Nursing what’s more, Maternity care Council.’

Hobbs, from Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, conceded falling flat to screen Quiet A what’s more, B’s blood sugar levels, falling flat to watch Quiet A’s demise ‘for a few time’, playing PC recreations at the nursing station outside of her breaks what’s more, reflectively evolving Understanding A’s records.

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