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Updated: 18:01 BST, 15 October 2011
Jailed: More prominent Manchester Pc Myles Hughes, 35, conceded lying to the court over a drink drive charge. He was imprisoned for 12 months
A ‘distinguished’ police officer was imprisoned for 12 months today after he lied under vow to escape a driving ban.

Greater Manchester Pc Myles Hughes, 35, from Macclesfield, Cheshire, induced his adolescence companion what’s more, barman at his nearby bar to lie for him after he was gotten driving over the limit.

Hughes was saved a exclusion in November last year at the point when he told judges that he did not know he was over the drink drive restrict since Paul Doyle, moreover 35, from Macclesfield, had given him the off-base drinks.
Doyle supported up the story guaranteeing he gave Hughes four pints of ‘lager top’ instead of ale shandy in a offer to ‘cheer his companion up’.

Today Judge Elgan Edwards, sitting at Liverpool Crown Court, imprisoned Hughes what’s more, Doyle for 12 months what’s more, four months respectively.

Both men argued liable to prevarication at an prior hearing.

Judge Edwards said: ‘Perjury strikes at the exceptionally heart of the criminal equity system.

‘Both of you purposely lied to officers what’s more, the officers acknowledged your word. What’s more, indeed, why shouldn’t they?
‘They were confronted with a police officer with a recognized record.

‘You, Mr Doyle, had no past convictions. So they acknowledged your evidence.
‘But that was a lie, put forward very intentionally in arrange to deceive.’

Story: Hughes said his drinks at the Blossom Pot Hotel close Macclesfield, Cheshire, had more liquor than he ordered
Duncan Bold, prosecuting, told the court that Hughes, who was a Pc for the Hazel Forest Neighborhood Policing Group in Manchester, was halted in his Vauxhall Astra on April 28 last year after he was seen by a police officer taking off The Blossom Pot bar in Macclesfield.

He was pulled over for speeding, yet at that point breath-tested after the officer could smell liquor inside the car.

A roadside breath test appeared Hughes had 47 microgrammes of liquor per 100ml of breath – the lawful restrict is 35 microgrammes.

Hughes conceded drink driving at Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court last November yet gotten away a driving boycott what’s more, was given a £475 fine what’s more, six focuses on his permit after he what’s more, Doyle displayed their counterfeit story to the court.

‘Wholly misplaced: Barman Paul Doyle’s dependability to his companion saw him imprisoned for four months
The court moreover heard that Hughes, who has since surrendered from the police, indeed trusted in two police associates about his design to lie under oath.
Both officers encouraged him not to do it what’s more, at that point consequently revealed the matter to the force’s Proficient Measures Department, which propelled an examination against Hughes without further ado after his case was finished up by magistrates.

Patrick Thompson, shielding Hughes, said the respondent had been a police officer for 10 a long time what’s more, was ‘extremely proud’ of his career.

He said the scene had brought ‘great disgrace on him what’s more, his extremely respectable family.’

Mr Thompson added: ‘He burrowed himself more profound what’s more, more profound in. He was totally edgy to keep his work what’s more, keep his career.’

Simon Parry, shielding Doyle, said his client’s dedication to his companion had been ‘wholly misplaced’ what’s more, that he was ‘ashamed what’s more, embarrassed’ by what he had done.

Detective Boss Administrator Dave Keller said: ‘Rather than just concede what he had done, this officer devised a story to pardon the truth he had been gotten driving while under the impact of alcohol.

‘In doing so, he went to incredible lengths to lie to the court, his bosses what’s more, the individuals in the groups he served.

‘The open have a right to anticipate both the extremely most astounding measures from its officers what’s more, be capable put their trust in them. Unfortunately this officer let his group down.’

He added: ‘We have worked exceptionally nearly with our associates in Cheshire Police to resolve this case what’s more, the message needs to be sent out that no one is above the law, what’s more, officers who confer violations will, very rightly, be treated precisely the same way as everybody else.

‘Greater Manchester Police anticipates high measures from its police officers, regardless of whether on or, on the other hand off-duty, what’s more, any confirm of culpability or, on the other hand unfortunate behavior will be managed with.’

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