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Updated: 18:10 BST, 28 January 2011
A officer has been murdered in Dorset after enduring monstrous head wounds at the point when a schedule preparing work out went horrendously wrong.

It is the second demise of a English trooper on UK soil this week after Adam Rumming, 27, crumpled what’s more, passed on after taking part in a running ‘bleep test’ with 70 other would-be initiates at at Leighton House, in Westbury, Wiltshire.

The catastrophe too comes in the same week that Private Martin Bell, 24, moved toward becoming the 350th English warrior to pass on in Afghanistan at the point when he was murdered in a booby-trap explosion.
Accident: An flying see of the preparing camp in Wyke Regis, Dorset, where the officer lost his life
The mishap at the Wyke Regis Preparing Range in Weymouth, Dorset, happened at the point when the 30-year-old from the 53rd Field Squadron Illustrious Engineers was making a difference individual warriors take down a bolster bridge.

An air emergency vehicle was mixed what’s more, three police autos what’s more, two fire motors were too sent to the Dorset military camp yet paramedics articulated him dead at the scene.

The serviceman’s companions said the as-yet-unnamed soldier, whose family are from Cambridge, endured ‘massive’ head wounds at the preparing range recently morning.

Speaking after the death, Major Ian Drummond, the Commandant of the preparing area, said: ‘There has been a genuine episode here on the camp amid schedule training.

‘It’s subject to an progressing investigation.’ 

The military police have presently taken control of an examination including the Wellbeing what’s more, Security Official what’s more, Dorset Police.

A representative for the South Western Emergency vehicle Benefit affirmed that a group gone to what’s more, attempted to spare the life of a man from the Illustrious Engineers.

He said: ‘It was an mishap with a connect what’s more, he endured monstrous head injuries.

‘They did endeavor revival yet it was in vain what’s more, he was proclaimed expired at the scene.’ 

A Dorset Police representative said they at first gotten reports of a suspected modern mishap some time recently arriving.
Tragic: Adam Rumming, left, passed on while taking part in a bleep test with other recruits, while Martin Chime moved toward becoming the 350th serviceman to bite the dust in Afghanistan this week
‘A man was articulated dead at the scene,’ the representative said.

‘There are no suspicious circumstances.’ 

An MOD representative said: ‘Our sensitivity is with the soldier’s family at this troublesome time.’ 

Jane Russell, who lives on Camp Street close the site, was amazed to see so numerous crisis administrations go past her front door.

She said: ‘I saw the lights what’s more, ambulances coming down Camp Street at about 8.30am what’s more, at that point I saw the yellow air emergency vehicle come down at the point when I was getting prepared to take my pooch Shadow out.’  
‘All the sirens were booming what’s more, they were all tearing down the street so I thought it must have been something serious.

‘The fire motor came afterward without its sirens on.’ 

The man’s next of kinfolk what’s more, the Dorset coroner have been informed.

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