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Updated: 18:39 BST, 15 December 2010

Life sentence: Robert Edwards has been imprisoned for at minimum 27 a long time after he cut his imminent mother in law Sylvia Smith, more than sixty times at her home
A conveyance driver who wounded his imminent mother-in-law more than 60 times just four days after his fiancee called off their wedding has been imprisoned for at minimum 27 years.
Robert Edwards, 43, declined to enter the dock for his condemning at Birmingham Crown Court after he was indicted of a kill depicted as ‘planned what’s more, premeditated’.
He was found blameworthy of the kill of Sylvia Smith recently after a two-week trial at which he denied any inclusion in her death.
Edwards, of Tipton, West Midlands, propelled the assault on the 59-year-old at her home in Erdington, Birmingham, after his relationship with her little girl broke down.
During the trial, members of the jury heard that Edwards too punched what’s more, stamped on Mrs Smith on May 7, causing serious wounds to her head what’s more, face.
Passing sentence today, Mr Equity Supperstone imprisoned Edwards for life what’s more, requested him to serve at minimum 27 a long time some time recently being considered for parole.

‘I am fulfilled to the criminal standard of verification that on the morning of May 7 you took a cut with you to Mrs Smith’s home, planning to confer an offense what’s more, that you utilized that cut in conferring the murder,’ said the judge.
‘You made a fierce what’s more, extremely managed assault on a 59-year-old helpless lady in her claim home.’
Brutally attacked: Sylvia Smith, 59, was killed by her future son-in-law after Sylvia’s little girl had called up their wedding setting to cross out the nuptials
The judge included of Edwards: ‘Only you will know what driven you to do this to a individual who had shown graciousness what’s more, goodwill to you.
‘The torment what’s more, enduring that you have caused her girl what’s more, her family will obviously be long-lasting what’s more, with them for the leftover portion of their lives.’
Edwards was consistently indicted after members of the jury heard how Mrs Smith, a part-time home help, was cleared out to pass on in a pool of blood at her home in Simple Road.
Detectives set up that Edwards had taken a knife, as well as a change of garments what’s more, footwear, to the property, what’s more, moreover guaranteed that the tachograph in his lorry was not working so his developments would not be recorded.

The opening of the trial heard that Mrs Smith’s daughter, Samantha Smith, had been in a long-term relationship with Edwards since 2000, at the point when they met while working at Birmingham’s Longbridge auto plant.
But the relationship in the end broke down what’s more, Miss Smith, 36, cleared out Edwards in April to move back to her mother’s home.

The court heard that she afterward wiped out their wedding, which had been arranged for August, after Edwards debilitated to confer suicide.
Convicted: A jury at Birmingham Crown Court heard how conveyance driver Robert Edwards conveyed out a ‘brutal’ assault on Sylvia Smith
In a explanation discharged by police after Edwards was found guilty, the family of Mrs Smith said: ‘This decision is equity for Sylvia. It is not a time for celebration.

‘We have lost a much cherished mother, sister what’s more, close relative what’s more, presently have to live our lives without Sylvia, knowing the ghastly points of interest of how she died.
‘We are all extremely appreciative to Mr Spencer QC what’s more, the Crown Indictment Service, the criminological science service, West Midlands Police what’s more, the staff at the crown court for their offer assistance what’s more, bolster in getting us through this most horrendous time.’

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