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Updated: 20:04 BST, 26 February 2012

A five-year experience has come to a close for one family, as the remains of the last American benefit part unaccounted for in Iraq have been identified.
Staff Sgt Ahmed Kousay al-Taie, who was an Armed force interpreter, was grabbed at gunpoint in October 2006 at the point when he sneaked off base on a cruiser to visit his Iraqi spouse in focal Baghdad.
The Armed force issued a articulation Sunday saying that the military’s funeral home in Dover, Delaware, had decidedly recognized a set of remains as having a place to Mr al-Taie.

Iraqi-born: Staff Sgt. Ahmed Kousay al-Taie was an Armed force translator who was conceived in Iraq what’s more, lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan
As convention stands, a U.S. officer thumped on the entryway of the family’s Ann Arbor home to affirm the news.
However, there are still no signs as to how the translator died.
Mr al-Taie’s sibling Hathal Altaie told mcclathydc.com that his sibling was recognized through a DNA test. To him what’s more, his family, the news comes as a relief.

‘We’ve been holding up for five years, suffering, not knowing on the off chance that he’s alive or, then again dead.’
He told the website that he of course would have favored better news, be that as it may having this sum of conclusion is at minimum something.
Identified: Staff Sgt. Ahmed Kousay al-Taie was the last American benefit part unaccounted for in Iraq
Dressed up: Staff Sgt. Ahmed Kousay al-Taie as seen in an October 2006 family photograph with an unidentified woman

He said: ‘We still need to know: was he killed, or, on the other hand did he pass on by characteristic causes in the hands of the group?’ 
His uncle Entifadh Qanbar noted that Mr al-Taie endured from kidney problems.
Mr al-Taie was conceived in Iraq what’s more, lived in Ann Arbor. He was snatched in 2006 by shooters after he attempted passing Baghdad’s Green Zone to visit his bride, Israa Sultan.
In the seek for the interpreter, as numerous as 3,000 coalition warriors went on 50 strikes to recuperate him, with one warrior passing on in the process, Stars what’s more, Stripes daily paper had said.
Mr Qanbar, talking to mcclathydc.com from Beirut, said that his nephew was most likely as well trusting of Iraqis, given his nature with the country.
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