New witness claims France’s richest woman made illegal payments to fund Sarkozy

By Dwindle Allen In Paris
Updated: 08:35 BST, 10 November 2010
Nicolas Sarkozy gotten unlawful money installments from France’s wealthiest lady so as to support his presidential campaign, a new witness said today.
A previous driver of tycoon L’Oreal beneficiary Liliane Bettencourt made the guarantee to investigative news website Mediapart.
If proved, the guarantee would be shocking for Mr Sarkozy who is as of now by far the most disagreeable head of state in the history of the 5th Republic.
Scandal: L’Oreal beneficiary Liliane Bettencourt is asserted to have made illicit money installments to support the presidential battle of Nicolas Sarkozy

Mr Sarkozy is right now being explored by three judges as part of the on-going Bettencourt scandal, in which he what’s more, his political partners are implied to have gotten dark colored encompassed stuffed with money in return for charge breaks.
Now Dominique Gautier, Mrs Bettencourt’s chauffer from 1994 until 2004, is said to have caught her late housekeeper, Nicole Berger, talking about Mr Sarkozy ‘coming to inquire Mrs Bettencourt for money’ some time recently his race in 2007.
‘It was amid the decision campaign,’ said Mr Gautier. ‘During a phone discussion Nicole Berger told me that Nicolas Sarkozy had come looking for money.’
Mr Gautier said he had not however gone to the police since he was terrified of the political suggestions of affirming against such a intense man.
In July Claire Thibout, a previous bookkeeper of Mrs Bettencourt, asserted that at minimum 150,000 euros was given over to the UMP, Mr Sarkozy’s political party, to help with the race of key figures.
The constrain for gifts to political parties in France is 7,500 euros.
Unpopular: Nicolas Sarkozy has the most reduced endorsement rating of any president in the history of the French Republic
Mr Sarkozy was a close companion what’s more, neighbor of Mrs Bettencourt in the upmarket Paris suburb of Neuilly, what’s more, oftentimes gone to supper parties to pick up envelopes stuffed with cash, said Mrs Thibout.
Mrs Thibout afterward pulled back a few of her allegations, yet as it were after griping of badgering from lawyers.
Pascal Bonnefoy, Mrs Bettencourt’s previous butler, has too created a few 41 hours of recorded phone discussions showing that Mrs Bettencourt given money installments in return for maintained a strategic distance from millions of pounds in impose payments.
Mrs Berger worked as her servant for more than 30 a long time some time recently her passing in September 2008.
The unlawful subsidizing case is as of now in the hands of three judges in Nanterre.
Meanwhile, Mr Sarkozy has been charged of getting mystery operators to spy on writers included in detailing the case.
In turn, the Elysee Royal residence is squeezing charges against Mediapart for making the claims.

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