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Anders Behring Breivik is a diplomat’s child who spent the to begin with year of his life in London.

A riches of points of interest has developed about the special life of the 32-year-old, much of it from his meandering on the web ‘manifesto’.

Described by companions as a ‘mummy’s boy’ who did not clear out home until the age of 30, he had maybe a couple companions what’s more, no genuine lady friends what’s more, his compositions deceive a profound severity at being relinquished by his father at the age of 15. 
Family: Anders Behring Breivik (L) posted this picture at the base of his statement which is accepted to be his sister Elisabeth what’s more, mother Wenche Behring
Breivik was conceived in February 1979. His father Jens was an financial analyst at the Norwegian Government office in London.

His guardians split at the point when he was just a year old, what’s more, his father remained in London, while Anders what’s more, his mother Wenche Behring, a nurse, moved back to Oslo, along with her girl Elisabeth from a past relationship.

They settled in a leased loft where he remained with his 64-year-old mother until just two a long time ago, his sister having moved to California. 

Jens remained in London what’s more, hitched a individual international safe haven worker, Tove Øvermo. They battled for guardianship of Anders yet failed, what’s more, moved to Paris at the point when he was exchanged to the Norwegian Government office there. Anders frequently gone to them in Paris what’s more, their occasion home in Normandy. They separated at the point when he was 12.

In his journal Breivik faults his father for their alienation after he was gotten showering spray painting on dividers in his early teens. He writes: ‘I have not talked to my father since he segregated himself at the point when I was 15 – he was not extremely cheerful about my spray painting stage from 13 to 16.
Manifesto of terror: Anders Behring Breivik postures in a wetsuit holding an programmed weapon in a YouTube video posted six hours some time recently the fatal attacks
‘He has four youngsters yet has cut contact with all of them. So it is lovely clear whose blame that was.

‘I attempted reaching him five a long time back yet he said he was not rationally arranged for a reunion.’

Yesterday his shocked father, who is in his 70s, was getting ready to travel to Norway to meet police. He learned about his son’s violations while perusing the news on the web what’s more, told journalists he was stunned what’s more, horrified.

At his home close to the Pyrenees, he said: ‘I see this barbarity with outright horror. My sympathies go out to all those who have endured since of this. I am in a state of stun what’s more, have not recovered.’

Aged 14, Breivik had been best companions with a kid from Pakistan yet they  halted talking before long after the breakdown of the relationship with his father.

Breivik composed that his guardians upheld the approaches of the Norwegian Work Party what’s more, his mother was a direct feminist.
Poses: Breivik wore military style garbs in photographs included in the 12-minute YouTube video
Despite his close relationship with his mother, he would afterward seethe against his liberal upbringing. He writes: ‘I do not affirm of the super-liberal, matriarchal childhood as it totally needed teach what’s more, has contributed to feminize me to a certain degree.’

He moreover censured his sister for having as well numerous sexual partners, what’s more, censured his mother’s ‘lack of judgment’ in wedding his stepfather Tore, a major in the Norwegian military.

Although he depicted Tore as ‘very likeable’, he was moreover a ‘very primitive sexual beast’ who after they split up was ‘spending his retirement with whores in Thailand’.

He remained on great terms with his stepmother Tove indeed despite the fact that his depictions of her make chilling reading. She worked for the government office managing with applications from immigrants.

He depicted her as ‘very intelligent’, yet included that she was clearly a ‘traitor’ what’s more, a willing member in the ‘indirect genocide of Norwegians through the proceeded Islamisation of Norway’.

He wrote: ‘Although I mind for her a awesome deal, I wouldn’t hold it against the KT (Knights Templar) on the off chance that she was executed amid an attack.’

Friends said he progressed toward becoming included with right-wing radicalism in his late 20s what’s more, one source said he gone to neo-Nazi events.

Breivik boasted how he avoided his required military benefit in the Norwegian Armed force three times by asserting he would not put his life on the line for Norway’s political parties.

On his Facebook page he guaranteed to be a established music fan what’s more, admirer of Winston Churchill, as well as communicating an intrigue in the Television arrangement Dexter about a serial killer, what’s more, a TV dramatization about vampires. He was a Freemason at the St John’s hold up in Oslo.

Two a long time prior he moved to the little town of Rune, north-east of Oslo, to begin a cultivating business … giving him the cover to purchase compost for bombs.
The father of Norwegian shooter Anders Behring Breivik has talked of his ‘absolute horror’ of his son’s crimes.
Jens Breivik, who is in his 70s what’s more, living in the Aude district of south west France, too advertised his sympathies to the family what’s more, companions of his 93 kill victims.
The resigned diplomat, who worked at the Norwegian government office in both London what’s more, Paris, is presently arranging to travel to Norway, where he will be met by police.
Estranged: The house of Anders Behring Breivik’s father Jens, in Cournanel, southern France
He said: ‘I see this barbarity with total horror. My sympathies go out to all those who have endured since of this. I am in a state of stun what’s more, have not recovered.’
Mr Breivik has been offended from his child for at minimum 16 years, what’s more, as it were learnt about the killings at the point when he was perusing the news online.
When he figured it out his child was included he ‘froze what’s more, could scarcely speak,’ said another family part in France.
‘He will never come to terms with something like this.’

Mr Breivik had three youngsters from a past marriage – Erik, Jan what’s more, Nina – at the point when he met Anders’s mother, Wenche Behring, who had a little girl from a past relationship.
Mr Beivik separated Wenche at the point when Anders was just one, what’s more, went on to wed Tove Xvermo, another international safe haven worker.

Arrival: French gendarmes at the house of Jens Breivik in Cournanel, southern France
Anders moved toward becoming the subject of a guardianship battle, as Mr Beivik what’s more, his new spouse needed to raise him in Paris, yet they lost their case.
‘We never lived together, yet we had contact amid his childhood,’ Mr Beivik told the Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang.

‘When he was youthful he was a extremely customary boy. He was not intrigued in legislative issues at the time.’
Mr Breivik presently lives in a humble two bedroomed lodge in the town of Cournanel, close to the Pyrenees close Carcassonne, in south west France.
Tonight the house was deserted, with its screens shut what’s more, its fundamental door locked.
Mr Breivik has lived in Cournanel, which has a populace of 503, for the past year.
Alain Costes, the town mayor, said: ‘I get it that this gentleman, a Norwegian who moved into our town a year back to spend his retirement, is the father of the man captured in Norway.
‘His house was purchased from an English couple a year ago. The screens are drawn at the moment, what’s more, I don’t think anybody has been there since Saturday.’
A neighbor portrayed Mr Breivik as a ‘refined, gracious man’ who talked great French what’s more, English.
‘He was a joy to have around – he didn’t have numerous visitors. This is a enormous shock,’ the neighbor added.
As a child, Anders utilized to visit his father at his level in Paris, what’s more, at a occasion home in Normandy, western France.  
Mr Breivik, a past supporter of the Norwegian Work Party, was a business counsel for the Illustrious Norwegian Service of Remote Affairs, connected to the international safe havens in London what’s more, Paris.
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