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By Emily Andrews for MailOnline
Updated: 08:20 BST, 26 September 2011
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It’s long been the source of household strife. Are ladies truly more regrettable at stopping than men?
Too bad ladies, official figures have uncovered the truth: we are not exceptionally great at stopping a car.

Nearly a third of all ladies who fizzled their driving test last year came unstuck due to parallel parking.
Careful dear: Ponders appear that ladies are not as capable as men at the point when it comes to parking

Of the 170,000 ladies who fizzled their driving test in 2010 for botches in turning around or, on the other hand falling flat to utilize their mirrors, 55,000 fizzled on parking.

What’s more, in the event that those figures – discharged by the Driving Models Organization – are not enough to guarantee a uncommon triumph for men in the fight of the sexes, at that point they have the bolster of science as well.

Analysts at the Ruhr College Bochum in Germany inquired 65 volunteers to stop a £23,000 Audi – what’s more, found that ladies took up to 20 seconds longer than men.

A few ladies fault the issue on the truth their bosoms make it more troublesome to turn around while parking.

However, at the point when they do in the end pass – one lady at long last got through last year at the 21st endeavor over 22 a long time – they will at minimum have the reassurance of less expensive auto insurance.

The figures back up another stereotype: the kid racer.

At the point when youthful men get behind the wheel the testosterone goes into overdrive.
It makes a difference to clarify why nearly 40,000 men were fizzled last year for moving off as well fast, while another 30,500 fell foul of their analyst for hopping the lights.

The office has recorded the top five issues by sexual orientation for those who failed.
The most visit – overlooking to check right, cleared out what’s more, at that point right once more at intersections – was normal to both sexes.

About 1.5million  individuals take a driving test each year.
‘So far this year the pass rate is 50.7 per penny for men what’s more, 44.1 per penny for women,’ said an organization spokesman.

Female drivers require an normal 52 hours of educational cost to pass be that as it may men speed through in just 36 hours of lessons.
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