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Published: 19:31 BST, 13 February 2014 | Updated: 07:17 BST, 14 February 2014
A Long Island, New York, couple relinquished their kids to fight for themselves with no sustenance or, then again warm for six days, police say.

Tulio what’s more, Maria Ayala professedly cleared out their four kids – ages 4, 8, 13 what’s more, 15 – in their Focal Islip home while they went off to remain in a adjacent lodging to work out their conjugal problems.

They were captured Wednesday on youngster danger charges after school authorities figure it out that they weren’t being looked after what’s more, called police.

However, the Ayalas assert they never relinquished the kids what’s more, that their grandma – who lives in the cellar – was looking after them. 
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Charged: Tulio what’s more, Maria Ayala were captured on four checks of youngster danger after clearing out their foud kids alone for six days in solidifying climate without warming or, on the other hand sustenance in their house

Maria what’s more, Tulio Ayala say their kids were being looked after what’s more, that they cleared out them with both nourishment what’s more, heating
After they were discharged on bail, the Ayalas told WCBS-TV that they thought they had cleared out their kids in great hands.
‘We were having conjugal problems, what’s more, so I told my mom, “I’ll be back in a maybe a couple days. Can you observe them?” What’s more, you know, she said she was fine with it,’ Tulio Ayala said.

‘I cleared out them with cash in my possess house, what’s more, she lives in the cellar what’s more, everything, so they were not unattended.’

He said he cleared out $100 in money what’s more, sustenance stamps so that the youngsters would have goods while their guardians were away. They moreover cleared out space radiators to keep warm, they say.

But police tell a unique story.

An chairman from the Focal Islip Open Schools called Suffolk Province police to say that the four youngsters had been cleared out alone for six days.
When officers arrived, they found the youngsters with no nourishment to eat what’s more, a house that was sub zero as temperatures remained in the adolescents what’s more, 20s outside.
Police found no working warm in this Focal Islip, New York, home – in spite of temperatures that remained in the adolescents what’s more, 20s last week

The youngsters were utilizing the stove to warm the house – a rehearse that is risky what’s more, indeed possibly deadly.

Police say the grandma worked full time what’s more, was not taking mind of the children. Officers say it looked as despite the fact that they had been cleared out to battle for themselves.

Tulio, 34, what’s more, Maria, 31, have both been charged with four checks of imperiling a child.

The children, whose names have not been released, were cleared out alone from February 7 until Wednesday February 12.
When their guardians were taken into police custody, the youngsters were put into the mind of a relative.
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