Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

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Published: 21:13 BST, 28 May 2012 | Updated: 22:40 BST, 28 May 2012
When the enrolling military sergeant inquired Olga Custodio to list three occupations she wanted, she responded: ‘A pilot, a pilot or, then again a pilot.’
And her assurance paid off: more than 30 a long time ago, she progressed toward becoming the to start with ever Latina to finish U.S. Air Compel military pilot preparing what’s more, presently empowers others to do the same.
She moreover moved toward becoming the to begin with female teacher at Laughlin Air Compel Base, what’s more, afterward the to begin with female educator at Randolph Air Compel Base, instructing in the two-seater supersonic T-38.
Making leaps: Olga Custodio, who progressed toward becoming the to start with Latina U.S. military pilot after finishing her preparing in 1980, climbs from the cockpit of a T-38 Claw air ship at a preparing facility
With her father working as a non-commissioned officer what’s more, correspondences master in the U.S. Army, she was tainted with the voyaging bug from an early age – what’s more, cherished seeing the world from the sky.

‘I begun kindergarten what’s more, 1st review in Taiwan,’ she told Fox News Latino. ‘From there we moved to New Jersey, taken after by a move to Iran at that point Paraguay some time recently my father retired. I saw the world some time recently I was 15 a long time old.’ She added: ‘I enjoyed the feeling of being in the air.’
Success: After 24 a long time with the military, Custodio progressed toward becoming the to begin with Latina to fly business planes
Despite early desire to move toward becoming a pilot, she was over and again turned away what’s more, found her father had moreover been denied the possibility to move toward becoming a authorized officer.
After graduating from high school matured 16, she went to school in Puerto Rico what’s more, attempted to take part in the university’s Save Officer Preparing Corps program – yet was told ladies were not allowed.
She added: ‘After college, I had extraordinary jobs. I continuously saw men in the initiative roles. I inquired myself: “Why aren’t the ladies leading? I could lead that!”‘
Custodio said that while she was ostensibly quiet, ‘inside, I felt this want to lead’.
While working in the bookkeeping office of Puerto Rico Worldwide Airlines, she met a man named Edwin what’s more, they hitched four months later.
They went on to have a daughter, Marcia, what’s more, she started working at the Division of Barrier (DoD) in Panama. 

‘When my little girl was three a long time old, I had all the DoD directions accessible to me,’ she told Fox. ‘I knew the rules what’s more, connected to be an officer for the third time.’
With her spouse what’s more, Marcia at her side, she walked to the military human assets focus what’s more, told the sergeant which tests she would require to have what’s more, which shapes she had to fill out.
‘The sergeant inquired me to name three vocation choices,’ she said. ‘I told him I would be a pilot, a pilot what’s more, a pilot.’
Support: Custodio started her pilot preparing at the point when she was 26, with the bolster of her spouse Edwin (pictured). They have two children, Marcia what’s more, Edwin II, what’s more, a grandson, Jedi
She graduated from Officer Preparing School what’s more, qualified for Undergrad Pilot Preparing at Laughlin AFB in Texas, graduating a year later.

She said: ‘My father told me he called the representative of Puerto Rico to tell him the news.’
After satisfying her dream, she served for 24 a long time in the U.S. Air Force, resigning as a Lt. Colonel – yet indeed at that point she wasn’t wrapped up with her firsts.
Custodio at that point moved toward becoming the to start with Latina business carrier captain, flying for American Carriers to the Caribbean, Focal America, South America, Europe, Mexico Canada what’s more, around the Joined together States.

Now retired, she flies once in a while what’s more, as it were for fun. ‘I have companions with airplanes,’ she said. ‘Whenever they inquire me to go up what’s more, fly, I go. It’s something that will never clear out me.’

Calling: After finishing her training, she started educating at Laughlin Air Compel Base – the to start with female to do so
Workplace: After Custodio halted teaching, she started flying bigger planes than the two-seaters she flew for the military, such as this American Aircrafts Boeing 727 Astrojet
Today she runs a creation organization that makes individual documentaries what’s more, too coordinates a Puerto Rican people move gathering close her home in San Antonio, Texas.

She too guides understudies in her limit as the Bad habit President of the Hispanic Affiliation of Avionics what’s more, Aviation Experts (HAAAP), which takes youthful Latinos in the San Antonio region to the planes what’s more, control towers.
Despite these numerous successes, Custodio remains humble.
‘Everything I did was for me what’s more, my family,’ she said. ‘I was not out to demonstrate anything. I didn’t indeed know I was the to begin with anything.’
She added: ‘My mantra is “Querer es poder”. I accept everybody has the potential to do it. They just have to accept in themselves enough to as a matter of fact do it.’

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