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Published: 22:03 BST, 16 February 2013 | Updated: 22:03 BST, 16 February 2013
When spaniel-cross Bodie goes for a walk, you can be beyond any doubt of one thing – best companion Biddy won’t be far away. In fact, the chihuahua-cross for the most part hitches a lift on the nine-year-old’s back.
But the pair’s uncommon bond has made it hard for philanthropy laborers at a Pooches Trust home in Merseyside to find them a new proprietor since the pooches can’t bear to be apart.

Manager Georgina Lowery said: ‘We trust somebody will have room in their home what’s more, heart to keep them together what’s more, give these phenomenal puppies the cherish they deserve.’
Puppy love: Biddy the chihuahua cross rides on the back of Bodie the spaniel cross while wearing a weaved puppy jacket
The Canines Trust are looking to home Biddy the chihuahua cross what’s more, Bodie the spaniel cross together
Assistant director Katherine Stulberg added: ‘Biddy likes to climb on Bodie’s back what’s more, at night she indeed dozes on top of him.’
The website of the Merseyside Canines Trust portrays Bodie as a ‘beautiful boy’.
‘This fellow is a incredible all-rounder, great with canines what’s more, kids yet he can’t be isolated from his side-kick, Biddy, as they are something of a twofold act,’ the website says.

‘He has extremely great behavior what’s more, cherishes nestles what’s more, fusses. Bodie can live with kids over the age of 5, he’s a little massive yet extremely gentle.
‘He gets along well with other canines yet does incline toward calmer ones. Bodie is marvelous yet can be very solid on the lead so will require a new proprietor who can oversee him.’

Best pals: Bodie the spaniel cross what’s more, Biddy the cross chihuahua created a bond at the Merseyside centre
Bodie the cross spaniel what’s more, Biddy the cross chihuahua met at the Pooches Trust Rehoming Focus in Merseyside

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