Woman who carries a weapon ‘at all times’ stabs two Pit Bulls to death with a filet knife ‘because they were attacking her and her dogs’

By Every day Mail Columnist
Published: 22:07 BST, 25 May 2014 | Updated: 10:30 BST, 26 May 2014
A lady who was taking her puppies for a walk while outfitted with a filet cut wounded two Pit Bulls to demise who were purportedly assaulting her companion what’s more, her three German Sheperds.

Debbie Duran what’s more, her companion were strolling her pooches in Apple Valley in Southern California at the 10700 piece of Lancelet Street on Wednesday at the point when a Pit Bull came running towards them what’s more, professedly started assaulting her puppy Jodie what’s more, her friend.

According to Debbie, a second Pit Bull charged at them seconds later.


Duran, who conveys the cut for security wounded the pooches to passing to the alarm of the Pit Bulls’ proprietor Kathy Suggs.

‘She’s just here wounding like a wild, distraught lady,’ Suggs told NBC.

‘I can’t indeed reach in ‘o get the pooch since she’s swinging the knife.’

Suggs told correspondents that she didn’t think that Duran was supported in slaughtering both Heavenly attendant what’s more, JoJo.
Suggs said that indeed despite the fact that both her Pit Bulls got free through an open garage, that no one ought to have wounded her pooches to deatyh.

‘This woman was strolling around, I think, with the plan to murder the dog,’ Suggs said.

‘Who strolls around with a butcher knife? We all walk our puppies around here.’

Debbie Duran’s Canines endured from chomp wounds be that as it may Suggs lost both her Pit Bulls what’s more, faces a $200 fine for permitting her canines to get loose.

Sheriffs what’s more, creature control officers permitted Duran to keep her filet cut since she acted out of self-defense.

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