I’ve got 5m riding on this race… or did have! The moment a bin cleaner watched his horse lose in the dying seconds

By Every day Mail Columnist
Published: 22:11 BST, 1 June 2014 | Updated: 10:10 BST, 2 June 2014
This is the minute a receptacle more clean came inside minutes of winning £5.5million at York races – as it were to see his horse miss out on the significant to begin with place.

But Craig Brazier, 39, still overseen a smile, having took £1.3million in an prior gamble. The father-of-two had upheld six victors in a ‘Scoop6’ wager the past weekend, giving him a free determination for the race on Saturday what’s more, the possibility to win a further £5.5million.

As his choice, Tumblewind, drawn nearer the last furlong it appeared Mr Brazier might win. Be that as it may his trusts were dashed in the last seconds as the horse dropped all the way back to 11th place.

Despite the result, Mr Brazier said: ‘I’ve delighted in each minute?…?I’d upheld the champ as well numerous times on the all-weather without winning, so I’d never have picked it.’
Mr Brazier what’s more, seven others counting 43-year-old Bernard Marantelli had sponsored six victors the past Saturday on the Scoop6 to get a free choice on the Knavesmire what’s more, a shot to win a further £5.5 million.

After winning £1.3 million the past week he was given the shot to join Mr Marantelli what’s more, two other players in a syndicate recently yet he turned them down what’s more, chosen to go it alone.

Mr Brazier, who plans to go back to work receptacle cleaning, shook the Mr Marantelli’s hand over a glass of champagne in a box neglecting the wrap up line after the race.

He said: ‘Good luckiness to them.

‘I have delighted in each minute. It’s been totally splendid what’s more, for a maybe a couple seconds it looked like my pick Tumblewind had a incredible chance.

‘But I’d supported the champ as well numerous times on the all climate without winning, so I’d never have picked it. They did well what’s more, we’re all happy.’

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