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Published: 22:52 BST, 3 October 2012 | Updated: 22:52 BST, 3 October 2012
When oddly-named serve Characteristic Hunka Kaboom cleared out his strolling stick outside of a city chamber meeting, he didn’t anticipate it would result in the building’s evacuation.
But that’s precisely what happened at the point when his four-foot long pipe was found with his combustible surname scribbled over it on the third floor of the Akron City Lobby in Ohio.
A brief freeze broke out after Kaboom’s strolling stick was found what’s more, taken as a risk around 8:30 a.m. Akron Police, Fire, Agency of Alcohol  Tobacco what’s more, Guns officials, what’s more, the Summit Province Bomb Squad cleared the scene. A police puppy looked for explosives. Laborers weren’t permitted back in the building until 10 a.m.
False alarm: It took 90 minutes for authorities to decide Characteristic Kaboom’s strolling stick wasn’t a bomb
In fact the bomb was nothing more than an extendable shower pole that had been taped on both ends.

Kaboom, 62, is a customary at City Hall, what’s more, regularly goes to committee meetings. 
There’s indeed a sensible clarification for Kaboom’s peculiar lawful name. Profiled in 2009 by the Falls News Press, Kaboom said it was a abbreviated variant of his Clean family name, Kaboomski.

The Falls News Press depicted Kaboom as a road serve to ‘the blind, crippled, what’s more, rationally ill,’ be that as it may not an explosives expert. He depicts his greatest achievement as ‘to serve the Lord’ what’s more, his top pick book as the Bible.

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