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Two weeks after she went missing in Aruba, more subtle elements are rising about the last minutes some time recently Robyn Gardner vanished.
The proprietor of a plunge shop next to the Rum Reef Bar what’s more, Grill, who declined to be identified, told ABC News that Miss Gardner what’s more, Gary Giordano went into the eatery on the evening she vanished.
The couple at that point strolled into the plunge shop, yet didn’t lease any equipment.
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Missing: Robyn Gardner vanished while on occasion in Aruba with 50-year-old Gary Giordano who is being held by police
The shop proprietor said he afterward saw Miss Gardner what’s more, Mr Giordano on a earth street in a remote part of the beach, where Giordano afterward guaranteed she vanished while snorkelling.
On Monday, Mr Giordano, 50, of Gaithersburg, Maryland, was requested to be held another 16 days in Aruba while experts proceed to investigate.
Details of his past are fuelling hypothesis over his part in the woman’s disappearance.

Trouble in paradise: Robyn Gardner was seen at this eatery on the evening that she vanished
On Monday, Maryland mother Carrie Emerson talked about a shady experience with Giordano with respect to her 18-year-old daughter, an trying model.
Mrs Emerson said Giordano told her he was a producer, what’s more, needed to take her 18-year-old daughter, who goes by the name Taylor Tyler, to Aruba for a photograph shoot.
‘He begun telling me stuff like that he would ensure her. He said, “It’s not going to be another Natalee Holloway or, then again anything.”‘
Suspicious about the offer, she refused, what’s more, Mr Giordano progressed toward becoming frustrated.
Mrs Emerson told ABC News: ‘He got extremely irate with me at that point. He begun telling me that on the off chance that I went what’s more, rested with him he would make beyond any doubt I was taken mind of well financially.

‘He said that “if you ever let your little girl rest with me too, I’ll take mind of both of ya’ll for the rest of your lives financially.”‘
Indecent proposal: Carrie Emerson, right, says she gotten a call from the prime suspect in the vanishing of Robyn Gardner with a demonstrating offer for her daughter, right
Mr Giordano’s protection legal advisor had contended that he has coordinated with agents what’s more, ought to be quickly discharged since there is no confirm against him.
Michael Lopez, Mr Giordano’s Aruban attorney, denied articulations by prosecutors that his customer is no longer replying questions about what happened to Miss Gardner, his partner on a short trip to the Dutch Caribbean island.
Suspect: Previous spouses what’s more, sweethearts have grumbled of how Gary Giordano could move toward becoming furious what’s more, controlling
Mr Giordano had conceded four interviews to agents what’s more, went with them twice on visits to the region where he said Gardner vanished while they went snorkelling, Lopez said in a composed statement.
‘To date, our customer has given all conceivable participation to the investigation,’ he said. ‘Where our customer has been inquired the same question more than once he alluded to past statements.’
Aruban Specialist General Taco Stein has said that agents accept the 35-year-old lady from Frederick, Maryland, is dead.
‘We can’t conclude that there is hard verification to manage a request by the open prosecutor against our client,’ Lopez said.

The claims from Giordano’s legal advisor comes as previous spouses what’s more, sweethearts told how he could not control his outrage what’s more, stalked them, indeed professedly stowing away outside one lover’s house dressed as a deer.
Previous sweethearts have told how he sought them with his blue-green eyes, tall physical make-up what’s more, offers of travels what’s more, vacations, what’s more, his $1.3 million stone chateau in an upper-class Washington DC suburb.
Mr Giordano, a self-employed specialist what’s more, twice-divorced father of three sons, has denied any wrongdoing since the vanishing of Miss Gardner.
Her remains have not been found, in spite of four days of looking the region where Giordano told authorities an sea current pulled her away as they snorkelled on Regal 2.
Mystery: Ms Gardner was going by the island with Gary Giordano, who was confined for questioning

Federal involvement: FBI operators looked Giordano’s home in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Friday evening
FBI operators brushed through Giordano’s home Sunday night.
Mr Stein said a pink shirt what’s more, dark shoes found amid a look of an surrendered phosphate mine – close where Giordano told experts Gardner vanished – did not have a place to the woman.
Giordano has told specialists that Ms Gardner never made it back to shore after the two moved toward becoming separated.
The correct nature of their relationship is not clear, what’s more, she had a beau at home in Maryland.
Police said they question certain viewpoints of his story, counting regardless of whether the match went into the water, what’s more, say they’re looking for witnesses to construct their case against him.
Court records what’s more, previous sentimental interests uncover a man who could be debilitating what’s more, who has had a few unstable relationships.
‘He can’t control his anger,’ his to begin with wife, Sharon Cohen, composed in court papers in 2001.
Search: Police said garments found in the shaft of an old phosphate mine close Infant Beach, Aruba, did not have a place to the missing woman
Giordano hitched Cohen in 1987 what’s more, they had three sons, be that as it may the relationship weakened until they separated in 2003.
At one point, each charged the other of abuse, with Giordano charging that his spouse struck him in the back with a steel cooking spoon amid a warmed argument.

She countered that he had a awful temper, tossing phones, reviling what’s more, getting to be rough with one of their sons.
Giordano evidently battled with connections after his to begin with marriage ended.
He what’s more, his second spouse separated in 2008 after just two years.
In the last three years, other ladies he dated – numerous of them thin what’s more, fair like Miss Gardner – found that their sentimental connections with him turned ugly.
One lady blamed him of undermining her by saying ‘the world would be better off without me’ what’s more, of subtly recording their sexual encounters.

The scene: The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Gambling club in Oranjestad, where Ms Gardner what’s more, Mr Giordano were allegedly remaining amid the holiday
The lady met with prosecutors, be that as it may told experts she didn’t need to seek after the case.
She guaranteed in court records that Giordano countered by putting uncovering photographs of her in neighbours’ mailboxes.
Unsolved: Natalee Holloway was 18 at the point when she vanished on Aruba on occasion in 2005
Jeanette Farago, a previous neighbour, begun dating Giordano around the time of his second divorce.
She said Giordano was charming be that as it may could move toward becoming furious what’s more, possessive, in spite of the fact that she said she never felt physically threatened.
Once, he needed to take her on a voyage yet moved toward becoming angry at the point when she didn’t need to go, she said, a circumstance Ms Gardner too found herself in, concurring to a friend.
Farago said Giordano demanded on having her email secret word so he could guarantee she was not seeing anybody else.
If she said she was going to the basic need store, he would need photographic proof. Sometimes, she said, he would spy on her what’s more, content her points of interest of her furnish so she knew he was watching.
He indeed stowed away in the woods behind her home to observe her, dressing in a deer costume, she said.
‘He’s Mr Perfect,’ she said, what’s more, at that point he’s ‘totally different’.
Giordano what’s more, Miss Gardner, who is from Frederick, Maryland, arrived in Aruba on July 31 what’s more, shared a room at a Marriott hotel.
Investigators have observation tape of them at a eatery close Infant Beach, not far from where he says she vanished while snorkelling. Be that as it may no witnesses saw them go into the water what’s more, police have no information of what else they did on the island.
Aruba has encounter managing with missing individual cases following the still unsolved vanishing of Alabama adolescent Natalee Holloway amid a high school class trip to the island in 2005.
Her remains were never found what’s more, the fundamental suspect, Joran van der Sloot, is in imprison in Peru on charges of murdering a 21-year-old lady there last May.

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