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Created: 16:50 BST, 21 December 2010
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A solider who served in the English armed force was laid to rest in his local New Zealand with an respect watch of customary Maori warriors what’s more, friends from his regiment.

Private John ‘Jack’ Howard was murdered by American warriors amid a neighborly fire episode in Helmand, Afghanistan.

His family assembled at Wellington’s House of god of St Paul to offer him a last farewell.

Funeral: Private John Howard was laid to rest in Wellington, New Zealand, with an respect protect of Maori warriors (left) what’s more, warriors from his regiment (right). His family can be seen strolling behind the coffin

Welcome: The Maori warriors meet Private Howard’s casket with a customary dance

His claim man: Private John Howard

The combine of Maori warriors conveying lances Private Howard’s casket along with seven of his individual English soldiers.

The casket, hung in a Union Jack what’s more, with a customary cloak, was conveyed into the cathedral, with his family following behind.

His father Roger Howard, mother Anne Scott what’s more, sisters Charlotte what’s more, Isabella were all at the ceremony.

‘As a family, we have been so lucky to have a child what’s more, a sibling who has so improved our lives,’ Mr Howard said.
‘To the youthful men of this country, Jack would need me to say this: Be your claim man, do not be anxious to dream what’s more, seek after those dreams with calm determination.

‘Be true in your friendships, what’s more, keep those fellowships in great repair. Remain true to your beliefs. Adore your mother.’
A English trooper was slaughtered in Afghanistan after he was gunned down in a U.S. airstrike by a fly on a ‘strafing run’.

Private Howard, who was serving with the 3rd Brigade The Parachute Regiment, kicked the bucket while on watch in the Nad-e Ali Locale of Helmand.

Full military honours: A few of Private Howard’s companions conveyed the coffin hung with a Union Jack, a conventional Maori hail what’s more, topped with a poppy wreath
Guard: Armed force paratroopers fire their weapons in a weapon salute after the service
It is thought he was slaughtered after an American F-18 Hornet warrior stream had been called in by English troops included in a gunfight with insurgents.

The warrior is caught on to have kicked the bucket as the low-flying pilot endeavored to strafe an foe target with gun fire. Private Howard was on his second visit of Afghanistan.
He was the third warrior to bite the dust in an evident friendly-fire episode this year, what’s more, the 11th since operations started in Afghanistan.

The request into the ‘blue-on-blue’ episode will look at regardless of whether the airplane let go on the off-base co-ordinates or, then again the warrior was hit by a ricochet or, on the other hand he was in the line of fire by mistake.
Saddest journey: The casket is conveyed out of church taken after by Private Howard’s sisters Isabella (back left) what’s more, Charlotte (right) (front cleared out to right) his mother Anne Scott, grandma Elizabeth Scott what’s more, his father Roger

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