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Published: 21:24 BST, 4 June 2013 | Updated: 21:24 BST, 4 June 2013
Taco Ringer has taken conclusive activity against their presently scandalous taco licking worker by reporting he has been sacked.
On Monday, quick sustenance fans by and large vomited as a stunning photo of a red-haired man licking a stack of unfilled shells was found on Taco Bell’s official Facebook page.
While the personality of the licker has however to be revealed, the man in question has evidently taken to social media to give a picture of himself what’s more, affirm he has lost his work since of his sickening stunt.
Tongue lashing: This anonymous representative has lost his work after this photo was posted to the Taco Ringer Facebook page what’s more, went viral
The photo was posted on Sunday by a ‘Jj O’Brien Nolan’ what’s more, it set off a PR bad dream for the quick nourishment chain.
They said that the photograph was made as a agree against a organization wide challenge in which representatives submitted getting a charge out of their to begin with chomp of the intensely built up Cool Farm Dorito taco.
Today, in reaction to a downpour of negative publicity, Taco Ringer affirmed that the laborer had been recognized what’s more, fired.
‘Our franchisee is capable for the business what’s more, direct of his restaurant’s representatives what’s more, he has educated us that he quickly suspended the worker appeared in the photograph what’s more, is in the process of ending his employment.
‘The representative who took the photograph no longer works there.’
Initially it was not affirmed regardless of whether the photo was a counterfeit or, on the other hand in the event that the tacos were to be sure implied for the junk or, on the other hand were utilized in sustenance preparation.
Taco Ringer denied they were.
Taco trials: It has risen that the eatery where the photo was taken is in Ridgecrest, California
‘Our sustenance dealing with strategies are strict what’s more, we have zero resistance for any violations,’ Taco Chime said in a articulation discharged on Monday.
‘The taco shells were utilized for preparing in Walk some time recently we propelled a new product, what’s more, were in process of being tossed out.’
Going further afterward in the day after the picture was generally shared over the Internet, Taco Ringer attempted to get a handle on the situation.

‘Nothing is more vital than the security of our clients what’s more, group members, what’s more, we have strict sustenance dealing with systems what’s more, zero resilience for any violations,’ said a statement.
‘When we learned of the circumstance we promptly reached this restaurant’s initiative what’s more, despite the fact that we accept it is a trick what’s more, the sustenance was not served to customers, we are directing a full scale examination what’s more, will be taking quick activity against those involved.’
Today it was affirmed that the eatery was in Ridgecrest, California what’s more, that the unidentified staff part has in fact been fired.
Cathy Marx, the supervisor of Taco Chime in Ridgecrest, Calif., told CNBC, ‘We’re as of now managing with it.’
Taco Ringer instantly answered to the unique posting onto Facebook by Jj O’Brien Nolan – guarding their sustenance rehearses what’s more, promising quick action
Marx’s eatery has an A rating from the Kern Region open wellbeing department, the report noted.
Despite the dangers of being caught, this isn’t the to begin with time quick sustenance laborers have gotten into hot water over sketchy treatment of sustenance captured what’s more, posted to social media.
In April, a KFC laborer posted photos of herself licking a heap of squashed potatoes on Facebook what’s more, was instantly let go by her employer.
Last year, three Burger Ruler representatives from Ohio were let go after pictures of them standing in two receptacles full of destroyed lettuce were transferred to their Facebook pages.
And in another disgraceful Taco Ringer image, a laborer tweeted a photo of himself urinating into a plate of nachos in Regal last year.
‘I pissed on them where no one could see, in private, what’s more, I tossed them away. There’s truly nothing they can do. Fire me. I don’t care,’ Cameron Jankowski of Stronghold Wayne said of the photo.
Taco Ringer took him up on his offer what’s more, he was mitigated of obligations immediately.
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